Embedded artwork disappeared

Content you’re reporting an issue with

The content at issue is with embedded album art in local files stored in my QNAP core. The art disappeared when I deleted/reloaded the audio files.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

I’ve tried switching back and forth from preferring Roon to preferring File, but this has not helped. I’ve tried re-identifying some albums, and this also does not help.

Is the album identified in Roon?

The albums are all identified.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

The issue is with all local files stored in my QNAP core.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

My QNAP core was hit with the latest ransomware, DeadBolt. Luckily, I had a back-up so I deleted all the encrypted audio files and pasted my back-up files into the mapped watch-folder (same folder structure/names as before). After doing this, none of my embedded artwork is showing in Roon. The metadata is there as it shows in other apps, and it is not controller-specific as this is an issue across all of my controllers (phone, tablet, PC). If I prefer Roon art, then it is fine for those albums that are supported, but for those that aren’t and for those which I’ve upgraded the art, these are all lost. The albums are all identified by Roon and everything else seems to work fine, but I have no art. If I add a new album with embedded art, this works fine and Roon displays the embedded art. If I change the embedded art for an existing album, this also works fine. While I cannot change art for each of my 6000+ albums, I can delete them all again and load them again but when I test this folder by folder, the same issue persists.

Maybe this will help you

Thanks fiester. My issue is not recovering files or anything related to the ransomware per se, as I have all my files backed up and reloaded into my core. The issue is that once reloaded, the embedded artwork is not showing in Roon. Very strange.

Based on your description it looks like the cached thumbnails might not be getting updated. Did you try deleting the image cache so that it’s forced to redo it?


Hi @Abe_Goodwin,

I’m sorry to hear about your situation! I haven’t had that happen to me in a long time but know how difficult it can be to recover.

Do me a favor and try what, @Suedkiez suggested. Under settings>setup click the clear cache button as illustrated in the screen shot. Let us know how it goes!


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Thanks @Suedkiez and @Wes for the prompt and helpful guidance. I’ve hit the clear cache button and restarted, twice. Silly question, but where do I activate the image regeneration? I can’t seem to find this button/function, nor do I see it running in the background. Or do I need to delete all the audio files and reload them again? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Abe_Goodwin,

Your image cache should populate again automatically. Try to access an artist like one of the ones on your screenshot and let’s see if it populates. I’d hate for you to have to start over so let’s begin with this and take a deeper dive into it should the issue remain.


Thanks @Wes. Clearing the cache does not seem to have fixed anything, nor do I see a background task running after the app restarts. I’ve also tried using QNAP software to regenerate thumbnails (for all files, including non-audio), and this has also not worked.

I’ve futzed around and seen some stranger things now too. As I mentioned, if I (1) delete an album (via Roon and via my NAS folders), then add it again, the same issue persists. If I (2) remove the album art and then re-add the album art with the same image, the issue also persists. But if I (3) use a new image for the album art (e.g., downloaded from the internet), then the issue is resolved. If I (4) use a new image, extracted from the metadata of a different album that is also not displaying correctly in Roon, the issue persists. This makes me think that all the images in my files’ metadata are somehow corrupted. However, all other applications (Windows, Winamp, MediaMonkey, Foobar) can read/display the images just fine, and Roon was also reading/displaying all the images before I deleted the encrypted versions of the files and pasted all my clean back-up files into the Roon watch folders.

I know this is a separate issue, but when I do (2), the album splits into two versions in Roon, typically with a single track identified as a separate version. This seems odd given that only the art was changed and changed consistently across all the tracks, but I thought maybe to you it reveals some clue.

I’m fine to try any other suggestions, including total reset. So if that is the last resort then please send me a link to the steps/instructions. My primary objective is to preserve the embedded album art as I’ve spent a lot of time curating my collection to ensure that original/hi-res artwork is there. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Abe_Goodwin,

I am going to enable diagnostics and discuss this with the team. Bear with me and I will get you some next steps.


Hi @Abe_Goodwin,

I didn’t even get a chance to discuss this with the team. I decided to look at logging and found something seriously wrong. It appears all of your logging is there but there are also copies of the files with a .txt.deadbolt extension. From what I can tell, this is ransomware and likely the reason for the issue.

https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/new-deadbolt-ransomware-targets-qnap-devices-asks-50-btc-for-master-key/ (This one is specific to QNAP)

I highly recommend that the QNAP be wiped and that you double check any other devices on the network for the .txt.deadbolt files.


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