Embedded lyrics

Hi, would it be possible to have Roon display the lyrics tag embedded in the song? I’ve attached these to virtually all my files, but Roon does not seem to display them most of the time. Some songs do have the microphone icon and will show lyrics, but maybe those are the ones in the Roon database…thanks. Hammer.


Yes, me too

it turns out that… if the LYRICS tag is present in the files, it is in any case read by roon, and displayed in the FILE INFO / FILE TAGS window:

so, as it’s there, it should not be a big problem to link it to the “show lyrics” button.
clearly, if a lyric is present in roon db, there should be an option to prefer that one or the file tags one.


so, i’m sorry to see that with the new release 354

nothing has changed about file tags lyrics.
the new live lyrics feature has made me hope for something new here…

The new lyrics feature relies on the presence of timecodes - which are not present in lyrics held in the LYRICS tag in file metadata, AFAIK…

hi @Geoff_Coupe,
yes, i am not comparing the two features.
but AFAIK few people has asked for lyrics timing, but some have asked the possibility to embed lyrics in tags.
and… they are already there! they just have to redirect the lyrics button to the right place.

anyway: you can embed lyrics with timing infos (there is a standard format and TAG name for them, i don’t remember it…)
so… one more +1 point for people who like synch lyrics: if the lyrics in roon DB are not synched, they could add their own synched lyrics in file tags…

I too would very much like to see this added. It seems really strange that 3 years after the first request, Roon cannot display lyrics already embedded in the file tags as LYRICS.

However, the request is more complicated than it may seem to us. To do it right, anyway.

ok, clearly “we” tend to see just our peculiar settings (for me, all FLAC files).
it could be that in other file formats the lyrics text is stored in more complex ways.

in the case of FLAC format: it cannot be a problem. i mean… the lyrics are already there, roon reads (and stores) all the tags … if you look at the file tags you see there your lyrics!
they “simply” have to copy that stuff in the place of the library database where the lyrics are usually stored.

with a check (similar to some of the credits) if you prefer to use the local file lyrics or the roon metadata ones, if both are present.

Yeah, I understand exactly where you’re coming from. It sure looks easy, and it’s wild that it couldn’t happen in the course of 3 years!

Number 1 most important thing needed if you really think you are replacing the album experience…

You have to have the LyRicS for the songs. No Kidding.

If you don’t have the lyrics you have 1/2 the music.

How many hours I laid in front of my parents Fisher Stereo listening to music and reading lyrics from the album.

Every time I looks for lyrics in Roon the Lights are OFF. Sad very sad.
If we can’t have that album smell we all and you know we need the lyrics.


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in the album details page, next to some of the track names will be a little microphone. click on the 3 dots on the right of the track and select ‘view lyrics’

Please implement the function to add the lyrics manually into the tracks! Roon didn’t find all the lyrics for the tracks that i have and i have made some unofficial compilations where even the ‘‘famous’’ tracks are without lyrics because of unidentified albums.
It would be also nice to have lyrics added automatically per track/artist identification. So even the vinyl rips or unofficial albums will show the lyrics…


I never remember ALL albums in the vinyl days having lyrics. Some did, Some didn’t. Some had great art and iconic sleeves, plenty were dull and matter of fact.
The lyrics have to come from a database unless we could add our own. Roon can’t show them if they are not in the Data base.
Thoughts, Chris

Well i don’t remember neither switching songs and albums ‘‘tapping’’ on mobile screens in vinyl days :slight_smile:
I got your point about the lyrics database…so i hope that the function to add manually the lyrics will come soon!

so let me understand this… the request is to have lyrics at all, or to allow for adding lyrics manually?

Well, the request (my req) is clear. Having the possibility to add manually the lyrics for those albums where Roon did not find them.

Then each one of us will decide whether to show them or not…


Danny, thanks for the reply, but I don’t think you got the question

Miracle1980 got it though.

Some of us have the lyrics embedded in the LYRICS file tab.
Wouldn’t it be possible for Roon to read this tag when the lyrics are not present in Roon’s database?

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Any news about this feature? I would love to be able to add lyrics manually!

i would love it too…