Emotiva UMC-200 How to Have Roon Recognize

I have an emotiva processor which is connected to my router with a cat 5 cable. Roon accesses all my files off a NAS drive connected to my router therefore I am assuming Roon should be able to see this piece and stream to it. This is not happening, what do I need to do to assure that Roon recognizes the end point so I can use my tablet to stream music through this system? A smart TV is also connected there and also is connected to my router which is how I am streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime. Can I stream Roon through this? End game is to be able to have access to my music files from my family room where this home theater is set up. I realize that Emotiva may not be an approved endpoint but I should be able to stream music through it I believe.

Of course you can !

The way you’d go at it, if your receiver isn’t Airplay compatible (Roon can send data to Airplay devices), is to connect a Roon endpoint to the receiver, preferably to a digital input, and probably SPDIF rather than optical.

The cheapest endpoint is an old, but fast enough cellphone you already own, then ChromeCast Audio, but that won’t give you the full-blooded Roon transport experience if I’m not mistaken, then come the Raspberry devices if you’re OK with snapping together four pieces of plexiglas and screwing together two electronics boards, then come commercial devices that range in cost from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.