Empty history screen on iMac Mini

History screen on iMac Mini is empty.

Accessing the iMac Roon endpoint from iPad - history screen is fine.

After restarting Roon on iMac is avaliable again

I’ve had that happen several times.
It usually resolves when I close and reopen the Roon remote app (on an iPad) or the Roon program (Mac Book Air). Just the program, not the whole computer.

Thanks for feedback
@support - do you need any data or is this a known issue and getting resolved?

Hi @Ronny,

How often do you see this occur? Does it only happen when using the Mac Mini directly? Is the Mac Mini the Core machine?

Core is synology DS416 play with 8GB Ram

It occurred on endpoint MacMini 2012 16GB i5 1TB SSD
Only today - i will inform you if it occurs also on another day.
But as i am not the only one person, it might be interested.

Hi @Ronny,

Thanks for the report! I just checked out ticketing system and I do see that we have an active investigation into this issue.

Can you please confirm - if you see this issue occur again and you try to switch between your current Roon Profile to another one and back, does the history tab re-populate?

I have only one profile

Do you like to have 2 profiles on my system - i can make another profile

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Hi @Ronny,

Yes, if you encounter this issue again, I would try to create a profile and switch the profile.
If this resolves the issue, it confirms it’s the bug we’re aware of and working on.

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Ok - thank you noris

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Empty HISTORY on ipad pro
Created second user
Switched to second user
Switched to first user

@noris i can confirm the bug

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Hi @Ronny,

Thanks for confirming that the issue is the same on your end, yes this does sound like the bug we’re aware of and have a ticket regarding. I can’t comment on a timeline of when the ticket will be resolved, but we are aware and investigating, thanks in advance for your patience here!

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Hello Roon, @noris. Is there an update on this issue? It happens to me all the time as well:

  • Empty history in Roon App for Mac
  • Closing/reopening the app resolves it

Not a critical issue, of course, yet somewhat annoying.

HI @michieldeboer ,

Thanks for the reminder here, let me check with the team on this one.

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