Enabling surround [Resolved - Mac Audio Midi Setup Channel Configuration]

Core Machine

Roon is installed on Mac Desktop (2012) running Catalina, audio files stored on external hard drives.

Network Details

Mac is Ethernet hardwired

Audio Devices

Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray player is hardwired via hdmi-adapted thunderbolt from the Mac and serves as preamp/surround processor to a Marantz MM8077 7c power amp. The Oppo is not “Roon ready.”

Library Size

1411 Albums

Description of Issue

I recently reinstalled Roon for a trial period after an initial unsuccessful effort (my fault, not Roon’s) many pandemic months ago. So far much of what I discover works and is pleasing, exciting even. I’ve got a lot to learn.

What I haven’t been able to do immediately is multichannel playback.

Here’s the setup: the Mac acts as core and the Oppo as DAC/processor/preamp to 7.1 audio amplification, all of it hardwired. I know this setup works for surround from any of several video streaming services run from the Mac through the Oppo with full audio. Also, the audio app Vox on the Mac runs and plays my test case music file, a FLAC 24/96 5.1, no problem. The setup works.

With Roon, however, I run into a problem. Roon plainly recognizes the FLAC file as 5.1 audio but plays back only in stereo. When I go to Settings>Audio>HDMI>Advanced Settings>Device setup, 2.0 audio with down mixing seems to be the only option.

How do I get around this?

Hello @Michael_Harrison welcome back to Roon Community! I’m sorry that you’ve been having difficulty with your multichannel Flac playback and apologise for the delay in getting back to you on this. I appreciate your patience during your wait.

It’s likely that your HDMI adapter isn’t reporting support for more than 2 channels to the operating system.

You can confirm this by opening the “Audio Midi Setup” app on your Mac (you can also use Spotlight to find Audio Midi Setup) and clicking HDMI tab on the left then the “Format” dropdown to check your channel configuration.

See attached screenshot:

Set the correct channel output for the device there and you should be on your way! :loud_sound:

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