Endless cycle of "Uh oh, something's not right" screen and blinking lines screen on Nucleus Rev B (ref#2I6W64)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus Rev B

Description of Issue

The Nucleus is in an endless cycle of showing two screens, the “Uh oh, something’s not right” screen and the half-circle with blinking vertical lines screen. It switches from one to the next, holding each for several minutes. It’s been stuck in this cycle for 3 days.

I connected my tv to the Nucleus hdmi port A, and got a screen that simply lists the manufacturer, model, OS, serial (which is 48210B25D56A), and hostname. There are instructions to access the OS Web UI at http//, which I did.

That web page states that the system status for everything on the Nucleus is “OK”. I stopped the software, reinstalled the operating system and restarted the software, and nothing changed. I still have nothing but the cycle of two screens.

When I first got the Nucleus, about 3 weeks ago, I had this same problem after I had transferred around 1.5tb of music to the Nucleus internal SSD. I fixed the problem by resetting everything in the OS Web UI, including reformatting the SSD. So I’ve had to redo the music transfer. I have around 8,000 albums, stored as FLAC files which take a little under 3tb of storage. This time I transferred a little over 2tb of files before the Nucleus crashed. I don’t want to reformat the SSD and start transferring files again.

After the first crash and total reset and reformat of the SSD, I’ve been transferring files one album at a time, to make sure I catch corrupt files. I don’t know if corrupt files are causing the crashes, but I’ve had a few so far that didn’t. Loading one file at a time is painstaking, and ultimately didn’t keep the Nucleus from crashing.

RAM & Internal Storage

The internal storage is 4tb, with around 2tb filled. I don’t know the RAM.

Connected Audio Devices

The Nucleus is connected with a short ethernet cable directly to a Comcast modem/router. The router is hardwired to my laptop using a decent 24awg ethernet cable. My laptop is connected by usb cable to a Schiit DAC. I have RoonBridge software running on the laptop.

Home Network Details

I don’t see a make or model number on the modem/router combo. It only has a label on top that reads “Xfinity.” I described the connections to the Nucleus in the previous section. They’re simple, and nothing in my system uses wifi.


Hi @Vaughn_Rice ,

Thanks for reaching out regarding your report. I’ve activated diagnostics mode for your Nucleus and what this does is upload a log set for review, and I can confirm that the log report came in successfully.

I’m able to see your Nucleus crashing, and I’ve also located the reason why. It appears that you are trying to import a 350k track library on a 4GB Nucleus, and you are running out of available RAM to import a collection of this size.

Fortunately, the solution to stop the crashes is simple and fairly cost-effective, all you would need to do is add more RAM to prevent the crashes. I suggest adding a minimum of 8GB to your current setup, but 16GB would be preferable.

You can find a list of compatible RAM in the guide below. Hope this helps!

Thanks, I just ordered the RAM. 32GB doesn’t cost much more than 16GB, and I can get it quicker from Amazon so I’ll try that. I don’t see where I can find the total number of tracks in my library.

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The home screen should tell you number of tracks

I installed 32gb RAM and now the Nucleus works. I have 116,659 tracks total, so not 350k as you mentioned, but still too much for 4gb RAM. The recommendation for the Nucleus I bought is that it can hold up to 10,000 albums and 100,000 tracks. I have 8670 albums and 116,659 tracks. The Nucleus started crashing after I had loaded around 6000 albums. I think the recommended album and track totals should be changed in your Roon store. It seems like the 4gb server should be limited to 5 or 6k albums, and around 60,000 tracks.

Thanks again for your help.

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