Endless Spinning Circle

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Linux Operating System/Custom Built Server/Version 1.7 (Build 710)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

FIOS 1 GIG Service (with FIOS router) Ethernet from router to Server, NAS attached to router with 350 albums - Roon Library has an additional 1300 albums from TIDAL and Quboz

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Server goes to Devialet 1000 Pro via USB

Description Of Issue

Endless Spinning Circle - says ‘Adding Music to Library:of 217 tracks, 217 added, 0 identified.

I believe what your seeing is Roon Analyzing your music, check this link for more info on what it’s doing and how you can adjust or control it via the Settings:

First restart, reboot see if that clears it

I assume a new library, if so how many tracks ?

It could be stuck on a corrupt track

@geoB - I looked at the Audio Analysis but think something else is going on - as in the spinning circle never goes away and seems to show the same number of tracks each time I look - in other words it doesn’t seem to progress.

The message also suggest that a software update is required - even though I have the latest update.

@Mike_O_Neill - I have rebooted the core 5-10 times over the last month. I rebooted the NAS several times too, since the spinning wheel seems to be related to the NAS. Also, the NAS has been part of my library (I have albums from Tidal & Quboz too) for 5-6 years now and wasn’t a problem until recently.

Anyone have an idea what is going on?

Just a couple of things to try, you say you looked at the analysis settings, but did you bump them up, I set both to the highest and let them run all night, and if during the time your playing music its bothering you, you can just turn them off.

I’ve never seen that Metadata Improver msg, but have seen posts about it, why don’t you do some searchs on that msg looking for some more ideas/solutions

@geoB I did bump them up - the first one to Fast 1 Core and the second one to Fast 4-5 days ago with no improvement. I don’t think this is the problem though since i never had an issue before with the lower settings. I did this morning change the one to Fast 3 Cores. (I’m a little concerned about frying my server)

I’ll do some searches on the Metadata and see what I can find.

Are there any ROON Support people out there?

Hi @DJD,

Can you please use these instructions to send me a set of your Roon logs for review? Thanks!


@noris Have been preoccupied - will get these to you soon.


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@DJD - just a possible thought, any chance you’re running a VPN on your system?

No VPN on my system.

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