Endpoints still sending signal after stopping/pausing music

Roon Core Machine

Nuc i3 ROCK - 8th Gen. Wired to Router (Version 1.8 - Build 1021)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Router, switch. Wired mesh nodes.

Connected Audio Devices

Rpi4 - Wired - USB out
Rpi4 (Allo DigiOne) - Wifi - Spdif/Coax out
(Version 1.8 Build 943 - both)

Number of Tracks in Library

29,600 tracks

Description of Issue

My main listening setup uses an auto-sensing DAC to switch inputs between USB, Coax, and Optical (Accuphase DAC-50). Starting approximately 1-2 weeks ago My Allo DigiOne endpoint seems to be transmitting a signal to the DAC even after stopping playback in Roon. Now when I want to switch to USB playback, I have to unplug the Coax connection coming from the Roon endpoint to free up the DAC to lock onto the USB signal.

This is also happening on a second endpoint (also RPi-4) where the DAC signal indicator light remains lit at the last bitrate that was playing via Roon, even after stopping playback.

This issue is new for me. The only other change I can think of (aside form updating the ROCK and endpoint software on regular basis) is the addition of a Flirc remote control on the Allo DigiOne connected to the Accuphase DAC - controlling that same zone.

Appreciate any help!

Take the remote control off as a first step and see if that changes it.

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Thank you for the response. Something I should have tried before posting, but alas…

I removed the remote extension in Roon and rebooted my core and all endpoints. Issue still persists unfortunately. I have to power down the Allo streamer for my Dac to accept an incoming USB signal. (in case my OP wasn’t 100% clear, in the past I just had to pause playback in Roon to free up DAC to auto-switch to other inputs).

I neglected to mention that both my RPi endpoints are running RopieeXL. I previously used Allo/DietPi but that doesn’t have remote extension support. I could further troubleshoot by uninstalling Ropiee but am not sure what other Rpi OS would support the Flirc remote.

Hi @Stupendous,

Thank you for posting in the support section and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues.

The tech support team will pull backend diagnostics from the last few weeks to investigate what might back happening on your network with playback.

In the meantime, would you mind elaborating on the following:

  • Does this issue occur with all file types (MQA, etc.)?
  • Have there been any recent firmware updates to any of your endpoints or network hardware units?
  • Does this issue occur with all file types (MQA, etc.)?
  • YES

*Have there been any recent firmware updates to any of your endpoints or network hardware units?

  • Not that i’m aware of. I did change my endpoint OS from DietPi (Allo GUI) to RopieeXL recently.

Thank you for looking in to it.

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