Engelbert Humperdinck as Classical Composer

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I have two versions of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera “Hansel und Gretel” in my library. He does not show up in the “only classical composers” list. The more recent singer of the same name does show up in my full composers list even though I have none of his albums or tracks in my library… Can you make it so that the classical composer shows up in the classical composers list?

Thanks, Jim

Something is wrong in your setup. Check your file metadata to ensure that Humperdinck is tagged as Composer and not as Album Artist…

Thanks for quick response. Both albums say he is Composer…

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Interesting - I don’t see either of those recordings in the list of recordings known to Roon:

My two recordings do lead to the correct Humperdinck…

Let’s wait to see what Roon Labs metadata team have to say…

Hmm - although the EMI recording doesn’t seem to appear in the list, it is available from Qobuz.

I’ve just purchased the download and added it into Roon, and already I see that I have some metadata work to do…

Watch this space…

Edit: well, the Qobuz downloader has just had an update, and it is even more f*cked up than the last version.

Qobuz still haven’t changed the names of the subfolders in a boxset to follow Roon’s convention of CD1, CD2, ...CDnn and now, for some unknown reason this version includes in addition a subfolder called original which has every file copied from the individual CD subfolders… Oh, and there is no file metadata at all. What a mess. :roll_eyes:

Fortunately, if I rename the disc subfolders from 1 and 2 to CD1 and CD2 and drop the original folder, Roon is able to recognise these files correctly:

Oh - and clicking on the composer name takes me to the correct Humperdinck:


Qobuz is my only source and I got both albums from there. Both of my composer links go to the singer.

I used edit>album options>identify album and found alternative entries for these two albums. These have the correct Englebert Humperdinck as composer. So hopefully that’s fixed.

I see what the problem is here. Will try and do a fix next week.


We’ll get the Mikado by Gilbert O’Sullivan next :joy:


We’re now identifying the correct Engelbert Humperdinck for his Classical compositions. This will take up to a week to sort itself out in your libraries.


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