Enormous RAM utilisation after Build 846 Upgrade

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS-677, QTS 5.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi switches

Connected Audio Devices

Various, mainly RPi Ropieee

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After the latest build update to 846 on my QNAP, the Roon process is taking an absolutely enormous amount of memory, more than 28GB! I understand that this build is meant to increase performance but surely it can’t come at the cost of memory utilisation at that level.

Restarting the process doesn’t help.

Snippet from top:

31507 31459 admin S 28264m 57.9 1 0.4 {RoonAppliance}

Is this expected?

No this is strange behavior and the LOG data should be investigated by the Roon team. Can you read such data yourself?

I can see the RoonServer.log which doesn’t have any entries since 20th October so that’s no help. Where else can I look, or what should I provide the Roon team?

There are certainly other folders on the computer that have a subdirectory LOG and an upper directory ROON. that should be something up-to-date to be found that experts need for analysis.


A thank you also to Carl our boss in the moderation, he has everywhere his practiced look in the forum, reorganizes, improves if something does not quite fit (eg German… instead of English).

This helps everyone to understand Roon better and to find interesting topics and solutions.

Ah I’ve just remembered you get them via the GUI on the QNAP, so I have retrieved them all. There’s nothing in them that I can see which looks strange but obviously I don’t know exactly what to look for.

I shall wait for @support to arrive and troubleshoot with them.

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Hey @Jamie_Tudor,

Thanks so much for choosing to create this thread just after the update. We’re sorry you ran into this :pleading_face:

You had mentioned restarting, but, could you please reboot your Roon Core? This would involve quitting Roon, turning it off, unplugging it for a few minutes and then, going through the reverse: plugging the Core, turning it on and launching Roon. Do you see a change?

Thanks :pray:

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Hi Rebeka - it’s not a Roon Core: it’s Roon running on a QNAP, so I didn’t think a full power cycle would change anything. But I didd try - and I still have the same problem.

Hey @Jamie_Tudor,

Sorry for failing to be clearer: we generically refer to any device running the Roon software (that is not an audio endpoint or remote) as the Roon Core. In this case, your QNAP.

Thanks for trying the power cycle.

I’m checking with our team and I’ll circle back :nerd

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Hey @Jamie_Tudor,

Thanks for your willingness to help discover what’s happening on your end. It seems that a higher RAM usage is expected with the update, since we switched to .NET. However, we’d love to take a closer look at your case.

Could you please get a set of manual logs? Instructions are here:


Once you have them, please, take a moment to upload them here.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks Rebeka - logs uploaded as requested.


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Wow! That was incredibly prompt. Thanks @Jamie_Tudor.

I’ll follow up on this thread as soon as I hear back from our QA team :nerd_face:

The 28GB is the value of “VSZ”, which means Virtual memory SiZe.
This is not the usage of RAM (the physical memory you bought).
It comprises for example the shared libraries (OS and .NET files ending in “.so”) which are not loaded in RAM but just mapped ( = associated) in the virtual address space of the Roon process (and of all other processes which uses them)
The usage of RAM is indicated by the “RES” column (not present in the display configuration of your “top”)