Env setup at company's laptop

I was wondering how can I use roon on my company laptop where i don’t have admin privileges, cant install software (ie roon bridge/ controller) and mostly only 80/443/rdp ports are open… Is there any way how to stream music from roon via rdp protocol or using some citrix… ?


Hi @John_Smith,

In order to play to a PC as an endpoint it would need to either have Roon or RoonBridge installed on it.

Hi @dylan
The problem. Is I can’t install anything to. That pc… So that’s why I was asking if its possible somehow stream from Other computer where roon is installed via rdp or citrix etc

What about projects such as … .audre.io ?


Hi @John_Smith,

You could remote in to another computer where Roon is installed and play audio that way. We don’t have any specific recommendations for certain software to use, but if you’re able to connect to a machine that can run Roon/RoonBridge and hear the audio from that machine then you shouldn’t have any issue.

@John_Smith If your machine is locked down its done for a reason so dont mess with it or ask your IT department to install for you if its a permitted application.

But don’t be a cheapskate and go buy your own hardware to be brutally honest.

thats why i was thinking if there is no option to pair it with some steaming service…

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