EQ on Roon ARC - iPhone

Good morning Roon community and sound lovers.

Anyone knows whether EQ will show up on iOS ARC?

No it’s currently not supported. They have said they would like DSP at some point but they never gave an idea as to when to expect it.

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As their architecture probably would require to process the DSP on the phone, one might imagine how much battery-drain this would cause. Hence, I would not bet this will come soon.


In any case, it would be an amazing feature to have!

What I do: using a VPN tunnel to my core at home and setup my iPhone as end-point in Roon. Ad DSP to it, it works flawlessly;-)

Depends I use wavelet on my dap when not using it with Roon and can’t say it eats the battery much more. Really depends on their implementation.

It’s on the roadmap (I suppose the DSP could be done on the core; streaming content obviously would then have to be routed through the core but that doesn’t seem impossible). @Antonis_Anastassiad1 you can vote for it there

Done! Only 16 votes…

Yeah that sounds interesting. Are you only routing local connection to your iPhone or do you connect entirely on the net via the VPN?

Quick math for uplink:

  • a CD: 2 channels x 16 Bit x 44,1 kHz = 1411,2 kBit/s
  • 192/24 will be just short of 10 Mbps for the raw stream (no headroom etc.)
  • DSD 256 would be just under 23 Mbps. That’s for two channels on each

Think: who can comply with this uplink figures, in case the DSP is done on the core (local in your home network)?

Are my figures correct?

Using the standard VPN client in iOS doesn’t allow to bypass traffic (or I did bot figure out how) Hence, all traffic will be routed to my local concentrator at home. For the time, I’m listening music …I don’t care

You forget that it sends FLAC so you can subtract about 40%

Plus this is not really related to EQ/DSP because the same requirements already exist for streaming local files from the core when using Original Format. (And streaming 192/24 to mobile endpoints seems pointless for many mobile use cases except maybe when using ARC as a remote but fixed endpoint with an external DAC for a full scale system.)

I have an average cable internet connection in Germany with 300 down, 10 up actually 30 up, so can do most of it.

Streaming DSD256 is probably impossible for most but again it does not affect the question in this thread which was about EQ, and the same restriction applies to DSD streaming files on the core without EQ already.

true, fair point! …as long as no up-sampling is part of the DSP chain

Well, again, not all DSP with crazy upsampling will be feasible but the OP asked about EQ which could even be delivered as lossy if so configured. EQ doesn’t change the bit depth or sample rate

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The VPN method words like a charm!