EQ Settings for Sonos One stereo pair?

I know this is highly subjective, room dependent, and so much else, but … I’ll still ask. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an EQ setting that they’ve found particularly good for a Sonos One stereo pair?

Have you tried the Sonos Trueplay tuning feature? It works well for my various Sonos 1 pairs.

Yes, I’ve used TruePlay. I’ve just found roon’s EQ can help with some of the general deficiencies of the Sonos Ones.

Not that it can magically turn the paired Ones into my higher end gear, of course. :slight_smile:

Just curious if others have done the same and, if so, wouldn’t mind sharing the settings they’ve landed on.

I would turn loudness on. It makes them sound more full. But compared to my stereo paired Homepods they sound like $10 speakers. Except the HomePods have no eq and are sometimes more bass heavy that I would like.

I’m pretty happy with the settings I’ve got, and I turn loudness on or off depending on what I’m listening to or doing at the time. I was just curious if anyone had found a particular EQ setting that they really like. :slight_smile:

Not to take the thread too far off-topic, I wouldn’t mind playing with a HomePod, but they’re more than 2x the price I’ve paid for any of my Sonos Ones, so I’m not too torn up about the sound difference. There are some other benefits to Sonos over HomePod, too… and Siri’s still god awful compared to either Google Assistant or Alexa. :slight_smile:

Given Sonos’ latest antics with support for “older” hardware, I’ll likely be looking at “dump speakers” and a Pi-based connection for any expansions or replacements, but who knows — maybe I’ll look at HomePod at that point.

It’s pretty easy to get Homepods for $199 these days.
Alot of people mention turning treble and bass down on the ones but I haven’t done either. Just Trueplay.
I don’t really think the Ones sound that great actually but just for fun I connected my Sonos sub to paired ones and could not believe how good it sounded.
I’m a voice assistant geek and use Siri, Google, and Alexa at home. Siri does everything I need for home automation and is more reliable than the others. The mics on the Homepods are amazing too. I find Alexa to be unreliable and inconsistent. Google is the best for asking factual information. They all have their pros and cons.
Apple also guards your privacy and if they made cheap HomePods I would probably just use Siri for everything as for my use case, mostly home automation, Siri has been great.

I mostly like the Ones for their size-to-sound for the price and ease of use with a bunch of different music services (something I wish roon would find a way to do, but I’m not holding my breath).

Front the limited listening I’ve done, two Ones sound better than a single HomePod, but two HomePods sound better than two Ones. I’ve got mostly paired Ones at this point, and I don’t dislike them enough to drop the cash on replacements — especially since my primary listening area equipment’s better than anything Sonos or Apple offer. :slight_smile:

On the voice control front, we’re pretty heavily invested in iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV’s, but I’ve got a bunch of Nest Hubs around as well (nice for YouTube TV). I’ve had better luck with Google Assistant than Siri (or Alexa) but I do have all of my home automation running out of HomeKit, a lot of it via Homebridge. There’s some duplication of effort in setting things up in Google Home and HomeKit, but not too bad.

I also found that the Ones sound better when playing through Roon or the Sonos app than Airplay. Too bad since I really like Airplay and it’s simplicity plus mix and match with other equipment.