Equipment options for speaker connections around the house

Hi guys,

My plan is to setup a desktop listening as well as a living room and other rooms but unsure how my electronics need to be setup at. Seeking for some advice from people here if this is the good way of setting up or what should be done.

My Plans:

  1. Main desktop setup - Nuc Rock (in Living room) > Roon App (PC) > Qutest > active speaker
  2. Living Room setup - Nuc Rock (in living room) > KEF LS50 Wireless II / LS60 (just pluck into power point and stream using roon remote app)
  3. Other rooms setup -Nuc rock > Other ready/tested roon active speakers (just pluck into powerpoint) and stream using roon remote app

Hi Jay,

What do you mean by

Hi Rugby,

“Just pluck into power point” meaning the speaker have no connection to anything except powering the speaker. Since kef roon ready/tested speakers are inbuilt with amp and dac so i think there no need for extra dac/amp right?

My first comment was is “connect everything via ethernet and not wifi”.

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NUC ROCK will be connected wirely.

Desktop setup (PC) will be connected wirely.

Living Room Speakers will be required for connection wired for ethernet?

As well as other rooms? so for other speakers that is not connected to PC all required ethernet wired connection?

In my opinion, Wireless is too hard to state whether it will work or not reliably for others since so much of it is your specific environment. It does for some users, it doesn’t for others. You will just have to try it.

I do have wireless speakers that I use around the house, on the patio, garage, kitchen. None that I use for critical listening because even with fantastic Wifi and coverage, I do still get intermittent drop outs. While I can handle music dropping out for background listening, I would not want my critical listening system to be on wireless


What about changing my qutest for a good streamer with DAC. Will it enable better quality to stream across all speaker (assuming no in-built dac) that is roon ready?

Sorry am quite confuse right now what i should do with my setup. Maybe anyone can recommand some?

I moved from AEA5+ speakers to Adam A5X speakers and it was a major step up. In a rectangular room about 35 x 20 feet.

nice adam, what about dyna audio?

I thought your desktop plan #1 was a good one, imho.

I think it depends on how good your WiFI is, both in terms of throughput and stability and how far you are from your access points / router.

The Roon forum over the years has had numerous users trying to stream from one end of a large house to the other using the default and dated router that came with their ISP using WiFi channels that possibly conflicted / overlapped with their neighbours. In 99% of those situations the problem was quickly solved by the users hard wiring their endpoints back to the router. I think it would be fair to say it’s become a bit of a ‘go to’ answer (even lore) on the forums, as in most of those cases it solves the issue quickly and everyone is happy.

Do you need to wire your speakers and endpoints back to your router, absolutely not, but do be aware that Roon converts everything to an uncompressed PCM steam before sending it to your endpoints — which uses more bandwidth than say a FLAC stream form Qobuz, Roon also includes less buffering, than say Netflix, in order to enable sync’ed multi room playback. So the requirements for Roon are higher than both Qobuz or Netflix.

Got a good / modern WiFi 5 or 6 network and know what throughput you are getting at different points in the house and you’ll likely be fine. PCM audio isn’t overly taxing in terms of bandwidth, however Roon’s probably a little less forgiving than most cloud based streaming services in terms of buffering, so you do want a stable WiFi network.

All my endpoints are wireless and all work fine, there are many other users on the forum who also do this without any issue at all, but the forum are also testament to users who have hit issues with WiFi. Caveat Emptor.

Jay, your plan looks pretty reasonable to me, if your WiFi is good. And you know enough already to have acquired a Qutest.

The only real question is: what color KEF LS50W speakers to get?