Equivalencing 'artists' but not 'album artists'. Why?

@support, It seems that roon equivalences ‘artists’ but not ‘album artists’. This leads to duplicates and a rather untidy main album screen.

For example. The BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra is now known as the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. With older recordings roon will equivalence any artist tags, but it does not equivalence album artist tags. This leads to a screen like the following.

There are two choices. Just leave it as is or try and correct it. I prefer to correct it, but this can lead to quite a few editing steps. Mp3tag makes this slightly easier as I can use macros to globally replace album artist tags to “BBC Philharmonic Orchestra”. But it would be very confusing to have album artist tags as “BBC Philharmonic Orchestra” and leave the artist tags as “BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra” just because I know that roon will auto-equivalence them. So I end up changing the artist tags as well. I then get this result:

This of course makes roons whole equivalencing feature fairly pointless as I am just aligning my tags (and Qobuz tags where I can) with roons preferred artist naming conventions. This particularly effects Classical. I am not making this edit in 100% of cases but it is a lot. Maybe 80%.

Is there any reason why album artists are not being equivalenced? Can this be done?


I strongly second this! there are many examples of renamed orchestras Mraijinsky Orchestra / Kirov Orchestra, Leningrad Philharmonic / St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Philharmonia Orchestra / New Philharmonia Orchestra / back to Philharmonia Orchestra etc.

I believe @Hans_Valeton has raised this issue before as well.