Erratic scrolling in iPadOS 15 on iPad Air 2

Roon Core Machine

Roon core on NUC 10i3FNH, Roon remote on iPadOS 15.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC hard wired to FritzBox 7530, ethernet to FritzRepeater 300, Naim Uniti Atom connected to FritzRepeater on 5GHz channel (only device on that channel). iPad connected wirelessly on 2.4GHz channel.

Connected Audio Devices

See above re: Naim Uniti Atom

Number of Tracks in Library

12500 tracks

Description of Issue

Many of the info screens jump around when scrolling. The video example linked to below is of a Lyrics screen, (NOT live lyrics I hasten to add). The same effect happens on Artist info screens and many others.

Link to video

Hey @MortalWombatUK,

Thanks so much for taking some time to observe this behavior and to let us know :pray:

I’ve consulted with our QA team and based on the video, it seems that there is a slight horizontal scrolling gesture (which allows to switch between tabs on Now Playing) performed on that screen which triggers scrolling all the way up.

Could you please give it another try, being mindful of the above :pray:

Hi Rebekah,

Thanks for getting back… the sideways jump you see in the video is part of the issue I am reporting, my finger is moving vertically on the screen.
Another symptom I have noticed on (for example) the Artist info screen, is that some of the artwork of related Artist images disappears and then reappears, which worsens the scrolling performance further.

No such issues with scrolling or “reloading” content on my iPhone remote app.


Thanks, @MortalWombatUK, I’ve passed this over to our QA team to investigate.

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It has been some time since this was reported so thought I should follow up to see if there has been any response from the dev team. The issue is still there on any screen that requires scrolling on iPad.


Hey @MortalWombatUK, we released some improvements to iOS scrolling in today’s release (build 903). We’d love to get your feedback on how things feel now, head on over to the main thread on this issue to let us know!

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