Error 0xc000007b trying to install Roon

same here. Try to remove and make a clean install of roon but I only can have a windows error with an hexa code 0xc000007b

Right now I only have roon access from my 1.7 osx core on my android (1.7) device, no more from my PC!!!

Hi @Sylvain_Murgier, just to confirm which version of Windows 10 you have, could you open Windows System Info and post a screenshot of what you see there? Depending on whether your system is 32bit or 64bit, you may want to double-check that you’re downloading the matching Roon package type from

I try several

times to download the 64 bits package

Hi @Sylvain_Murgier,

Can you please try installing the latest .NET framework on your Core and let me know if that helps?

Nope… didn’t work, still running 4.8 version on my laptop… too bad… I also already try to clean windows and registry, with no luck… Another idea?

and the core is on an osx seever, which is running just fine on 1.7.

Hi @Sylvain_Murgier,

You mentioned you had a previous Roon installation on this machine. Does that previous install not open any longer?

If it does not open any longer, are you seeing any error messages displayed when you try to open it?

no longer available. after the first update attempt (with he same “error when checking the download” from 1.6), I try an uninstal and clean instal. so no more roon 1.6. And the roon 1.6 installer is no longer available

OK!! just find the solution!!! The installer problem was related with the ASLR setting in windows 10. I just went under security settings in W10, browser app control, exploit protection, disable ASLR and no more trouble! running just fine with 1.7 on my PC!
Maybe this could help other peoples.

Good day!

Hi @Sylvain_Murgier,

Thank you for the update here, glad to hear you located the source of the issue.
Hope you have an enjoyable Roon experience!

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