Error http 404 when clicking on airplay icon


When I click on the airplay icon, I get this

No support needed. Just for your information.

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Hello @Georgethesixth, thank you for the report

Can you please tell us more about your airplay device ?

Hi @vova – I can replicate this with a ‘regular’ Airport Express (last generation): View product manual is non-clickable, clicking the (generic) icon leads to the above URL.

Apple TV 3 has an Apple-logo icon, linking to, View product manual is non-clickable.

Hello Rene, thanks for info. I will inform dev team about that.

Hi @vova, you could suggest to the dev team that they craft an automated link testing suite to help flush out this type of problem.

Yes off course : it is an Autonomic MMS-5A

We’re only planning to show links to devices we’ve tested in house and verified as fully-functional. The bug here was showing links for certain unverified devices.

Thanks for the report guys!