Error In Indexing of Music Liberary

I am just starting roon and transitioning from Sonos. I created my original music library by using something called dBpoweramp CD Ripper. When I did this I made sure that the “Album-Artist” category was correct. For example, if “Bach” was the entry all CDs with Bach would show up in the Sonos “Album” category. (Other categories are likely somewhat inconsistent) When I scanned the library using roon, there were a number of errors. For example, a piano piece by Bach ( Well-Tempered Clavier) was in one roon category called “Bach” while most of the others were in another called “Johann Sebastian Bach” I tried to fix this by editing some of the information in roon but it did not work. I assume the only way I am going to fix this by hand editing or re ripping. Is there any tips for doing this or suggestions for programs for doing so. I am looking to have a tight, well organized library with no inconsistencies or duplication.


This article should help you: File Tag Best Practice.