Error Loading Saved Page running Ventura 13.2 on my mac

Roon Core Machine

Running on a Delta server. Controlling from my new Macbook Pro running Ventura 13.2

I’m seeing the screen flash and then the last thing searched for disappear and it says “error loading saved page.” The music continues, but the screen goes nuts.

System has been stable for months. I switched my Mac yesterday, so it’s probably the culprit.

I’ve checked and Roon seems up to date.

But as you can see, it isn’t sure about the Core.

I’ve restarted the Mac, Roon and the Delta.

when I load Roon on my Android phone, no flashing or freaking out.

thoughts are welcome!


update: simply by posting this, it seems to have stopped after an hour of hypnotizing me.

I’ll leave this up in case someone else is seeing it too.


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