Error Watching iTunes Library

I am having problems importing my iTunes library into Roon. When I scan my iTunes Music Library I am getting an unexpected error #39894110. I am trying to get my iTunes playlists into Roon. Any I have tried all the suggestions above but to no avail. I reinstalled Roon this morning because it was crashing after playing a song for about 30 seconds. Any help or suggestions would be great.

Hi Gregory,
Let’s leave some notifications for @mike and @vova to check this out for you. There has been some iTunes work done recently and it may be relevant to that error.

Hey @Gregory_Smith – are you still having a problem here? Let me know and we’ll take another look at this.

Thanks and sorry for the delay!

Hey Mike

Sorry for the late response was traveling. I still am getting the unexpected error and no longer have access to any of my iTunes play lists. I keep my iTunes library on an external drive to my Mac Pro.

No problem. Can you confirm you’re running the latest versions of iTunes?

Also, can you make a change to your iTunes library (any change, like creating a new playlist), then confirm the modification time is changing for this file:

/Users/[ your user name]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml

If you’re not seeing the file there, or if it’s not being updated as you make changes in iTunes, let me know and we’ll go from there.



I can confirm I am running for iTunes. I can confirm that I see a file and that it is saving changes.

Ok, sorry for all the trouble here @Gregory_Smith – something about your setup is different from what we’re expecting, so we just need to figure out what that is.

Can you confirm the directory where your Roon database is installed is under the same User as where your iTunes XML is stored?

Also, can you confirm some of your system details, as described here?


I am still getting the error. My main library is on an external disk /volume/music & movie/iTunes. Should I be doing something different.

Sorry for the delay - due to holidays and a hectic work schedule. thanks

No problem on the delay. We’ve updated our iTunes documentation here – can you look it over, particularly the Testing Your iTunes Sync section, and let me know if it’s any help?