Error while exporting flac songs

THe main reason i purchased roon is to use the focus feature and export songs to my Astell and kern player. But i realized flac files are some how getting corrupted and unable to play on the AK player. If i go and copy the file directly from the file folder, it plays fine. But if i use ROON Export feature it is unable to play. WAV files have no issues.

Please help otherwise i would like my money back as i dont have any other use for Roon at the moment.


curious what the error message is on the A&K portable device.
It might be a permissions issue. in the exported directory, you can “cd” to the export directory, and run “flac -t *.flac” on the exported flac files. if they pass flac testing, then there is another problem.

Hi @ajay_chowdhury1 ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. My developers have asked for a sample of your media to test with in house.

Can you provide a sample file that has not been altered and then a copy of that same file after it has undergone the export process in a dropbox link via a PM?


sure i can. Where is the drop box PM?

If you have access to Dropbox, just click @Eric’s name and message him a link to the files on Dropbox.

If you don’t have access to Dropbox, just let us know and we’ll give you a way to upload the files to us directly.

Sorry don’t have a drop box. Thanks!

Hi Eric,well seems like the upgrade did not fix that defect. Can you confirm? If yes how do i get my refund?

We’re still working on this issue, but I’ve followed up via PM about your account. Sorry for the trouble here!