Error while trying to set i2s Sabre DAC

I tried a couple of times but it made no difference. @Dan_Knight, have you seen about this before?
I updated DietPi first, to 6.21.1 without issues. Then I wanted to try the I-sabre-k2m but the error message above was displayed after a short while.

The whole idea was to try and utilize the full capability of this:

I have it working under the moniker of it being a “Hifiberry DAC”, but in Roon I cannot go above PCM192 our DSD64 (DSD works fine though, as DoP DSD64)

Any suggestions?

No response from @Dan_Knight, but this seem to work with the latest DietPi build.
I am running this HAT on an RPi 2B with DietPi 6.31.2, using the driver “i-sabre-q2m”.

Now the Pi gladly does PCM up to 384Khz and DSD128 via Roon, and it’s Roon Bridge.

Note: Nevermind the HifiBerry DAC+ moniker, it’s just chosen in Roon for a pretty line art!

I have a newer Audiophonics with 2 9038 Q2M DACs with a different DietPi image from Audiophonics. It does not have an installed roon bridge, but it feeds the second display. Is there a way to modify the supplied image by adding a Roon bridge that works? Reference is here