Error with 1.7 on Windows 7 laptop

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Same here when upgrading to 1.7! Running Roon as a remote on a laptop win7. The core on a desktop win7 i7/6Gb works good.

Hi @baudouin_vanderhaegh,

What GPU does your device use?

If you update the graphics drivers is there any change here?

According to HP’ Site:

  • Models with discrete graphics (HP 6460b and HP 6560b only): AMD Radeon HD 6470M with 512MB dedicated DDR3 video memory

Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable

  • Models with integrated graphics : Intel HD Graphics 3000

Microsoft DirectX 10.1 (Shader Model 4.1) and OpenGL 3.0 capable

Thanks for the reply, my Graphics drivers seems up to date…
Here are the GPU diagnostics (i think)


Same here, went into Driver Manager for Display adapters and attempted update. Message came back ‘The best driver for your device is already installed’ .
The adapters are
Intel® HD Graphics Family
Realtek Wifi Display VGA Adapter

I also tried uninstalling ROON restarted device installed ROON and get the same result. ‘Could not compile vertexbasic shader: ERROR:1:6: ‘lowp’ : syntax error parse error’

So, unable to get an update for OPENGL for win7 Toshiba Satellite I loaded LINUX Cinnamon to a laptop and find out there doesn’t seem to be a ROON control for LINUX!!!???
Anyone know how I can get an update for OPENGL for win7 ?
Getting to where ROON is useless and will drop subscription.

The requirement for OpenGL 3.0 persists regardless of the OS you might use so you should ensure yourself that the hardware in question supports it.

If you need the latest drivers for Windows, you should check the manufacturer’s site.
For intel:

On Linux you make use of Wine to run the Windows version of Roon. You might find a thread describing the installation in the #roon:linux section of the forum.

Thanks BlackJack !!!
I had tried updating Intel HD Graphics 3000 in Device Manager when this problem started and it just returned telling me the best driver was already installed!
After reading your post I went directly to the Intel web site and downloaded and installed the “Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8-64-bit” and that did the trick!!
– Many thanks
Now I may check other drivers going directly to the respective web sites.

Thanks BlackJack!!!
Intel linked me to HP customized drivers for my laptop.
Roon is working fine again!!

Baudouin Vanderhaeghe.

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