Errors importing iTunes playlists

I have imported my iTunes library in to Roon, and the majority has gone very smoothly. However, almost all of my the iTunes playlists showing in Roon have had spurious tracks added to them, often an increase of 25%+ in number. If I edit the playlists in iTunes by removing or adding a track, then I see these changes in Roon but the additional tracks remain, sometimes increasing in number.

On a slightly related note, I really like the fact that playlists created in Roon are shown in the track details of those tracks that are included in the playlist. It would be great if this behaviour also applied to iTunes playlists and Tidal playlists.

Hey @thompo – that definitely doesn’t sound right. Let’s get a little more information about your setup and see if we can figure out what’s happened here.

The 25% extra tracks, are they other tracks from your library? Any pattern to where they came from?

Are you only watching iTunes, or are you also watching a folder of music? If you’re watching another folder, is there overlap between what’s in your iTunes library, and what’s in the folder?

We definitely shouldn’t be adding extra tracks to your playlists on import, so let me know the answers to these questions and we’ll let you know if we need more information.

Either way, I’m sure we can get this worked out, so thanks in advance for you help!

Thanks for your reply. The tracks are all from my library, and iTunes is the only source that I am watching at the moment.

There doesn’t appear to be any pattern to the extra tracks, although there are some that appear more regularly than others. But I cannot see any discernable link between the contents of the playlist and the tracks being added. I have also taken a look through all of the playlists now, and a number of them are missing tracks rather than having some added.

Some are Smart Playlists in iTunes and some are regular playlists.

Thanks @thompo – I’d like to get some more information from you, so I’m going to follow up via private message.

I’m having this same problem. Almost all of my imported iTune playlists have appended to the correct list of songs strings of songs from one or more other iTunes playlists. Also, many of the effected playlists show incorrect cover art on the playlist page, always from one of the incorrectly included songs. All is as it should be in iTunes, and I’ve disabled and re-enabled syncing with my iTunes music folder to no effect.

Sorry about that @wkimbel87 – we’re still looking this issue, but I’m going to get some more info from you. Look out for a PM.


I just got started last nite and discovered some issues with playlist download as well. My hi-res blues playlist shows a pic of Dusty Springfield with only 4 of the 130+ songs listed. They are songs listed and titled to Greg Allman but 2 are indeed Springfield songs. The majority of playlists have issues of one kind or another. Mis matched genres or artists, etc.
Playlists from Tidal are all just fine.
2 unrelated issues if I may. I found 1 doubled up album with only the odd tracks. When I went to delete the album, Roon said the tracks would be deleted from my hard drive. Would this affect the full copy of the Album?
2nd, when Roon first loaded it found my NAS just fine after some work on my part. When build 21 update was processed it could not find my NAS and I lost like 1000 albums. I re-booted and it found the NAS. Will this be a recurring problem?
Thanks for the great product.

Addendum to prior post. When Roon shuts down and then is run again, it does lose the NAS drive. It appears I have to-boot my iMac each time to get all the albums. Is it a password issue, which I entered into Roon, or something else unknown to me?

Hi @BagelJoe – we’re still looking into the iTunes playlist issue, so expect an update on that soon.

As for the NAS issues, can you let me know a little more about your configuration? You say you rebooted, but I’m not clear which device you’re rebooting. Also can you let me know what kind of NAS you have, and how you set it up in Roon? I’m sure we can figure out the issue with a little more information.


Thanks for the reply Mike. I’ve got a QNAP NAS. As far as set up in Roon, I just added the NAS to watched folders under the iTunes listing and a Music folder.

When I exited from Roon from the desktop and then started it again, Roon did not recognize the NAS. When I re-booted my Mac it showed up. The easy solution is not to exit Roon ever at this point which is doable.

I think the biggest fault is Roon showing 2 songs by Gregg Allman in a playlist but they are Dusty Springfield songs. Metadata is Allman but the songs are Dusty’s. Weird.
Also, I found 1 doubled up album with only the odd tracks. When I went to delete the album, Roon said the tracks would be deleted from my hard drive. Would this affect the full copy of the Album?

Once again, thanks for the response