Errors in italian translation

it should read “Intorno al web”

it should read “Album principali”

it should read “Aggiungi Tag”

last section, should read “Associato a” (instead of “Associato A”)

in case of a woman, it should read “Nata” (instead of “Nato”)

it should read “Esecutore/Compositore” instead of “Esecutori/Compositore”

second topic “Immagazzinamento” should read “Archiviazione”

Please visit htrps://, login using your Roon account, and vote on the existing translations. Then, add new translations please after you vote that the translation is wrong.

i’ve found out this tool later.
but, the same, i cannot see all translations till these ones come out, and correct them.

so… keep it or leave it

Sorry, I did not understand you here. Can you not find the translations or you are saying they aren’t reflected in the app ASAP?

i mean that the translations tool ( does not have a search field.
so, i can look at the proposed translations and correct them, and i did for some, … but i cannot search the ones specified in this post.
i would really like to spend the whole day in correcting … but i can’t.

Try to click the See all translations-button on the Italian language overview page. You should get a list of all translations and should be able to filter on the top bar.

Got it :slight_smile:
i didn’t see the link, thanks

La traduzione di Roon è un processo collaborativo portato avanti dagli utenti delle diverse nazionalità. Sono consapevole del fatto che al momento vi sono diversi errori ed incongruenze; se vorrà collaborare alla traduzione il suo contributo sarà apprezzato.