Esoteric N05 with Roon Core installed on Synology ds218+

My Esoteric n05 media player just updated the firmware offer MQA decoder function. May I know how to setup Roon Server and Esoretic n05. How I can play DAD and MQA files?


Do you already have a Roon Server and are asking how to setup the Esoteric in Audio Devices or are you asking how to setup RoonServer, Roon and then the Esoteric?

According to it’s specs, the Esoteric (over Ethernet) will do DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz. For MQA, you go into the Audio Device settings and choose which MQA playback steps the Esoteric is capable of doing. But, if it does the full decode and render, then you would choose Decode and Render under the MQA Playback Strategy drop-down. However, this assumes the device is Roon Ready. If not, then you will have to use USB to connect. Maybe a MicroRendu for Ethernet to USB.

Esoteric is working on but not Roon Ready yet. Its MQA support only works in network input, not other inputs such as USB. So you will have to wait for this development before you can utilize its MQA full decoding without using its native app.

Currently you can use a Windows PC to run Roon core, then output USB. This way DSD should work. For MQA, use the Roon built in MQA Core decoder instead of leaving to decoder by the DAC.

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Hi Peter

I had setup Roon Server on Synology NAS according the Roon recommendation. While I setup Esoteric N-05. I cannot Sample Rate Conversion, it shows “For Compatibility Only”. How I can do Up Sampling?

On the other hand, Eosteric N-05 can play MQA. But I cannot find my device on HQPlayer.

Details please refer to attached screen capture for your reference.


Your Esoteric is being seen as an Airplay device. Airplay is limited to CD quality streams, I think.

Wow. You’re not only helpful, you’re alert too. Good catch. :slight_smile: