Esoteric / Teac - Bulk Pure Enhanced Technology (USB Bulk Pet)

Hello everyone,

does anyone know the Bulk Pure Enhanced Technology from Teac or Esoteric?

For example: Teac NT-505


Here the Link:

See if @Henry_McLeod @Johannes_van_Leent have experimented with it from Windows.

I haven’t I’m afraid. I’ve used the NT-505’s streaming interface exclusively, and in the few minutes I used the USB input it was into a Linux (ROCK) powered machine to confirm it would connect as DSD512 which it did.

Until now I haven’t. If I remember well, I have only Teac HR Audio Player and Lumin streamer once or twice (once to check the firmware version of my NT-505). Both did operate (checked only a few minutes), but nowadays I use ROON (and Qobus and Tidal within ROON), ROON ROCK. Mostly I use the streamer, but the USB connection to Roon Rock operates correctly.