ETA on integrating and releasing the Audeze Reveal Plug-in Updates

Hello @support,

Audeze recently released updates to its headphone DSP profiles in Reveal. Can you provide an ETA as to when there will be a Roon update release that includes them in your DSP Audeze Presets? (thank you again so much for including that in your DSP function)

I’m specifically interested in the relatively newly released Euclid iem. Can you also verify that will be included too? I’m eager to get my hands on Audeze’s ratified DSP EQ’ing of that.

Thank you!

@support … bump. Audeze has released a lot of new products in the last few years. They’ve updated their Reveal software with them. Can we expect a similar update of the “Audeze Presets” DSPs in a v1.8 update? (I’m looking to see the Euclid added to the In-ears category). Or must wait for a 1.9+ release? Please be frank. Thanx.

Hi @Steve_Mato ,

We’re currently working with Audeze to add new models, but we cannot provide any specific timelines of when this will be completed. Please keep an eye out for updates!

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I see the latest Audeze presets are available now. Thank you Roon Labs team!