Ethernet Cables and WAF

I have one of these flat cables but just have it “slung” along the back of my furniture. (i.e. I din’t buy it to make it stealthy). The key point is to not bend it too hard in the corners as Ethernet does like this. @andybob I wonder if this is why you are seeing 100MB instead of 1GB?

Depends if she has a sense of humour


Love a bit of industrial cable management! :grinning: I originally wanted to use industrial cable tray in the garden for the power, Cat6 and OM3 out to my mancave. SWMBO was having none of it, so I made my own “cable tray” from deckboards and painted it in the same colour as the garden fence:

It needs a re-paint, which cable tray wouldn’t require :smirk:


Good lord wo/man you couldn’t find a picture where they properly sniped the excess on those tie-wraps? Now I need go lay down :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside… I had a team of installers who used waxed string. I’ve never seen cable runs so clean since. I miss that team. Their installs were artwork. The only thing they didn’t lace was fiber which was neatly tucked into fiber trays and brought out to guides for proper bend radius. But all our copper, including Ethernet, was done this way.