Evaluation: questions

Dear all
I am currently evaluating Roon and am absolutely thrilled. I have a few questions:

  • can different, separate music collections be managed?
  • can a Roon server that is externally accessible also be accessed via the internet?
    P.S. Then I can’t currently delete playlists. What could be the problem?
    Thank you very much.

Not at this time. Although Roon has stated that a mobile based Roon is being worked on.

Can you explain better. Roon is licensed by the Core which by definition is one library. For example, if you have a hard disk full of music and your spouse has a separate disk full of their music, you can add both to the library; but, they will then be co-mingled. If the music libraries need to stay completely separate, then you need to run two core with two licenses.

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Playlists can be deleted by going to the Playlist browser, and clicking the “3 dots” menu by the Playlist that you wish to delete, and then clicking “Delete playlist”. This can be done in Roon for PCs/Macs/Tablets and in Roon on Smartphones.

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Thanks for your reply.
I know.

But I get an error message. And I am the owner…

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-22 um 07.16.46

So you say Roon can play only in the subnet? My two sites are connected with VPN but have different subnets.

Can you give details about your setup? - what is your Roon Core running on - hardware and operating system software?

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I installed the Core on a Synology 718+.
Playing is smooth.
By the way I just found out that this two playlists (which I did not create) must be from the system?
Because if I disable the shared playlists button they disappear. Strange?

Until now I used PLEX and was absolutely not satisfied.
That is the reason why I am evaluating Roon.
I have two large music collections that I kept separate until now: Pop/Rock/R&B etc. and classical.
Is it possible to create a playlist “NON classical” as a kind of intelligent playlist?
And yes, the thing with my wife’s music could be an issue. She listens to Schlager, which I don’t. :wink:

You can use “profiles” in Roon which allows for personal recommendations between you and the missus, as well as play history etc.
As for your separate libraries there is really no need for that imo. Roon is really good at displaying views suited for classical and non-classical. Composers for example, is easy to switch between classical only or all.
You can also use “tags” to label your collection for specific views etc. But in the end i think that considering them as more than one collection will be more work than the payback.

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Are you a Tidal or Qobuz subscriber? Because a Shared Playlist is a playlist that you have favourited directly in the Tidal or Qobuz app, which Roon will then automatically add to your Playlists in Roon. You should be seeing the Qobuz or Tidal icon in the Playlist entry, like this:

Notice here that in addition to the Shared Playlist “Decca Entartete Musik”, I have also used Roon to create a local copy of the Playlist that does not have the Qobuz icon in its entry.

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In addition to what @Mikael_Ollars has said, try exploring the Focus function available in the Browsers to slice and dice your collection as you want. You can save a Focus selection as a Bookmark for rapid recall as well.


Exactly, and the combination of “tags”, Focus and bookmarks is pretty powerful.
Now, what we need is better bookmark management! :slight_smile:


You can also achieve this with a basic folder structure and a Roon focus to look at file path. For instance in my library I have a top level music directory then two sub directories lossy and flac. I add each one of these sub folders as a watched folder. I can then create a focus to only show contents of one and not other save as a bookmark. Therefore you could do the same by having one subfolder called classical one called pop and have all relevant content under each. Then as a watched folder add each main subfolder. Roon will add them all but then in album view uses focus and choose storage path and it will give you the options to show just one or both. Select one. Save out as a bookmark. Repeat for the other storage location. You then have two simple bookmarks to divide your library easily. How ever global search will work across all things this only works when using the specific views of artists, albums,. Tracks.

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Nothing of all that.
I installed the Software yesterday and all of a sudden I had this playlists.
No idea.

Would you suggest to attach an USB SSD drive for the database? What size of disk would be good?

Have you previously used a media player application on your system? Perhaps that had a Playlist function and there are M3U files present on your system? The fact that you can’t delete them is pointing to an access permission issue.

Roon Labs strongly recommend using an SSD to hold the Roon database, so yes, an SSD is a good idea. Have a look at this thread…

It’s more than strongly recommend; it’s basically mandatory.