Moving core from QNAP NAS to external SSD

Currently my core is installed on a QNAP NAS with HDD drives. It works well, but I’m wondering if there would be any benefit in moving the core from my NAS to an external SSD portable storage attached to my NAS?

What size SSD would I require and where would I find the instructions to move this?


The SSD does not need to be super big. It will drastically speed up your browsing experience.
But nowadays it gets harder to find small ssd with low capacity. Make sure not to get one of those slow USB Flash Thumbdrives.
It should be a fast SSDs (like Samsung T5, SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD or Verbatim Vx500 to name a few common ones).

If you have one external SSD you should set it as your new database storage in the Roon Server QNAP web ui and then you can either restore a Roon backup which you have created beforehand (I suggest to do it that way), or copy your Roon folders (after you have stopped Roon Server in the App Center) from your previous database location to the ssd.

Thanks, but please define “not need to be super big”?

Also, I’m not hugely computer savvy, (I manage to stumble my way through things), so I was hoping for more detailed instructions on how to move Roon from my NAS drive to an attached SSD portable drive.


32-64 gb should be enough. Current SSD lines mostly start with 120 or 240 GB, so this should not be an issue.
You can also check your current storage location and check the size of Roon‘s folders to see how big your database currently is and how much space is required.

Pretty much standard minimum memory for SSD now is 250G. Can get smaller, but appears to cost as much as 250. Cheapest I can find is actually an ADATA 480Gb with USB 3.2.

I just need to find instructions on moving Roon from my NAS drive to the SSD.

I’m a bit confused by your reference to the Roon database. Are you saying to leave the Roon core on my NAS and move my database from my NAS to my external SSD? Perhaps I’m mixing up the terminology and the actual core must stay on the NAS and can’t be put on an external HD?

Roon database is where all of your settings, playlists and information about your library is stored - it is this that is backed up when you do a roon backup.
This is the bit that should be moved to the solid state disk.

The music files you have, i assume, are stored on the spinning disks in the NAS and stay there.

This thread is for a synology NAS so not an exact match but the basic principles are the same.
Do a roon backup
Rename the current database folder
Add and format the SSD and rename it
install the roon package and restore the backup

I’m going to back up a bit as I may be attempting to correct something that may not be correctable without much more cost and effort.

I am running a QNAP HS-251+ NAS. It has an Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz quad with 2 GB DDR3L RAM. It has two 3TB HD drives. I realize this is not the RAM recommended for Roon, but unfortunately, I had the NAS prior to getting Roon.

I guess I was thinking if the core was moved to an external SSD, it would help as I’ve read it’s better to have the core on an SSD and rather than replace my QNAP drives, I thought just purchasing an external SSD portable drive could be used instead, until I decide to change my NAS.

That being said, I have not noted any performance issues in having the core on the HS-251+, but just trying to improve future performance in an affordable manner. If adding an external SSD has no real benefit, perhaps what I was hoping to accomplish in my original post is not worthwhile.

There are lots of people running underspecced cores and having no problems, so if you see no current problems.
If it ain’t broke…

Agree…but that’s me! So, based on your previous post that I read late, would I benefit in moving my database to an external SSD?

the only advantage would be that searches etc would be faster (Possibly) but if you are happy as you are then i don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

Yeah, I don’t notice any issues as is. Guess I’ll leave as is. Thanks for your advice.

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