Eversolo A8 vs Topping DX9

I know slightly different uses. I’m looking for a USB DAC but the Eversolo A8 seems to be an upgrade from the Z8. If I go with the Topping, I’ll use a Raspberry pi endpoint. I really won’t use the amp portion of the Topping.

Thoughts? Anything else I should be looking at?

That DX9 is interesting. As far as I am aware the differences between the A and Z models in the inclusion of streaming services and storage. If the headphone amp is import to you then the topping has amazing specs.

I recently moved from a PI smsl dac combo to the A6 and am very happy. I won’t say I hear a huge difference but the Eversolo products are very well done.

I was looking at SMSL as well but leaned these two. The DAC looks to be a little better in the A8 with AKM vs the ESS in the Z8