Eversolo DMP-A6 - ROON , Tidal and Spotify issue

Question about Eversolo DMP-A6 - ROON , Tidal and Spotify . Roon works when Eversolo is connected thru wired connection. Tidal (connect) & Spotify (connect) will not connect or unable to detect Eversolo as audio output device . However ROON will not work if connected to WIFI and Tidal (connect) & Spotify (connect) is working and can detect audio output device .
Built in Spotify and Tidal app on Eversolo is working though .

It sounds like your WiFi may employ a different subnet to your ethernet connection.

Do you use a WiFi extender or a mesh WiFi system?

Maybe you should post a description of your network setup - including the local network ip-addresses of your Roon Server and the Eversolo when connected by each method.

Incidelly, you should post questions like this in the Support category by clicking on the ‘Get Help’ button on that page and answering the questions that follow.

Yes , Different subnet. Eversolo is on 192.168.20.xx and Roon Server is on 192.168.10.xx
There is no issue with my network since i can access the ROON server or NAS using both wired and wireless connection on my laptop.

You may think that there is no issue with your network, but the fact of the matter is that Roon does not work across subnets…