Everything was great, until I switched to Sonic gigabit

I’m running a Nucleus with internal ssd music collection (~30,000 tracks).
USB directly from the Nucleus to my wavelength crimson dac.
Nucleus is connected via ethernet to my home network.

Everything was fine until I had sonic fiber gigabit installed yesterday.

My entire home ethernet network is active and every connected device works.

Except my Nucleus.

When I launch Roon on my computer or iPhone I get the message “waiting for remote core”.

I can’t connect via my iPhone or iPad or iMac.

All software (nucleus & apple) is updated and current.

My home network has several TP Link switches, all have been restarted.

I can’t figure out an IP address for the Nucleus, every one I’ve tried typing into my browser doesn’t come up with anything.

The nucleus is powered on and the ethernet lights are flashing on both the nucleus and the switch.

I’d be most grateful for help sorting this out. Thanks

Hi @Attila,

Did any of you networking hardware change when you had Sonic fiber installed? New routers, access points, or switches?

Can you elaborate a bit more on this? What are the models of the switches? Are they managed?

How is your Nucleus connected to the network (directly to the router or to a switch)?

Are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Hey Dylan,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I just discovered that they replaced one of my switches in the laundry room with a SmartRG switch.
Completely unnecessary, I put back an old TP Link switch and voila!
My nucleus is back.
Sorry to sound the alarm prematurely.
For future reference, why did a new switch/router block my Nucleus?
Also odd that my iPhone couldn’t connect right?

Hi @Attila,

Managed switches like the one you mention above typically require some advanced configuration to work properly with Roon, so that’s likely why you experienced this. We normally recommend unmanaged switches whenever possible for ease of use. We have more information about managed switches in our networking guide.

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