Exasound E22 and OSX

Any issues with Roon finding the E22 in OSX with its proprietary Core Audio and ASIO driver? I’m considering getting one.

Thx, Dan

Cant help you with the e22, but I have an e28 and can report absolutely no problems with Roon playing to it with the core audio driver.

Roon have indicated that there were going to make the ASIO driver for macs work at some point, but haven’t done so yet and I have no idea of a timescale for it. I’m waiting for that, multichannel and HqPlayer integration, but in the meantime its good, but could be better :grinning:

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but if you use HQPlayer as your endpoint, you should be able to use the ExaSound’s Mac ASIO driver with no problems.

(Note: I don’t know if this yet applies to multichannel files and the E28.)

Am using both exaSound e22 and e32 connected to my Mac Mini running Sierra. No problem with Roon recognizing devices as Core Audio and/or ASIO. Am not using HQPlayer as an endpoint. Never much cared for the software and as long ROON recognizes my DAC as either Core Audio or ASIO am content.