Excessively high internet traffic from Roon Rock

I have been using a self-built ROON Rock machine for several years. Several days ago I received a warning from my internet provider that I had exceeded my months 1200 GB data limit, and that I would be charged an overage fee. I logged onto my Sparklight account and looked at my data statistics–I found that about 20 days ago there started huge upload traffic on the order of 40-85 Gb a day. After a couple days of troubleshooting I realized that I can monitor internet traffic from all of my devices by logging into my router and turning on “traffic statistics”. By doing so I found that my Roon Rock computer is the culprit. There is a steady stream of traffic totalling 10’s of Gb a day!
I cannot afford this kind of internet traffic, and I don’t understand what could be causing such an amount of upload traffic.
Any ideas?

To be clear, is this ROCK running on a NUC, MOCK, or Roon Server running on a Linux distro?

Hi @Ronald_Inman, we have a similar issue reported by another user and are working to get to the bottom of it. Please sit tight and we’ll keep you posted on progress.


I’m sorry, I should have specified: This is Roon Rock running on NUC.


Great. I hope for a quick resolution.
Do you need me to send logs or anything?
For the time being I need to take it off the network.

@Ronald_Inman, We’ve figured out the cause of this issue and although we don’t have a final fix, that will be coming soon. In the mean time you can cure the fault by doing the following:

  1. Go to the ROCK admin webpage and stop RoonServer
  2. Connect to the database storage on your ROCK by connecting to \\rock.local\Data (windows) or smb://rock.local/Data (mac)
  3. Navigate to RoonServer -> Database -> Orbit
  4. In that folder you will find three subfolders. Delete the one named orbit_v3.db
  5. Start RoonServer back up via the admin webpage

This will reset the system that was causing the problem and it most likely will not happen to you again. The fix, so that this doesn’t happen again, is straightforward and will be released in the coming weeks.

If any of the above is not clear please post back here and we’ll help you through it.

Thank you for your patience and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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So I’ve tried this several times, but the data flow continues. When I go back and check the “Orbit” folder, the “orbit_V3.db” has been recreated and things continue as before.

BTW, I notice that the operating system build 227 has been running 19 days and 17 hours. This is pretty much when the problem started. Could I revert back to the prior OS until the fix has been finished?

This is a bug in Roon and it’s one that takes some time to develop but some systems will be faster than others in manifesting the problem. It would appear that your core is one of the ones that gets into this state a bit faster. There is no issue with stopping the core and removing that folder as-needed.

The fix is in process and we’re working to get it into our next release, which will happen at the beginning of next week. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience but if you can hold out for another 7 days we’ll get this fixed for good.

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The problem appears to have ceased. I don’t know if it was because of an update or because of the fix described earlier, but I have only 1.7G of traffic shown for ROCK over the last 3 days. This is certainly acceptable.
Thanks for the help.

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It’s because of the update. It included a fix for this exact problem.

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