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i hope someone could me help.
After i Upgrade roon Vision 1,7 i find at the top of the right side on my Display a red exclamation point. If i Push it i find The Info roon Need a Upgrade. I don‘t know, what a have to do.
Thanks for help.

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Go to Settings > About and you’ll see what device needs updating.

This has been reported quite frequently the last 5-10 days… It say’s the Metadata-improver service has halted. Just reboot your Core, fir that solves the issue and i almost got the feeling the issue rears it’s ugly head every other startup?
I had it quite frequently on my both Linux based Cores at home but saw it just a few minutes ago on my MacBook Pro portable Roon setup. A reboot of the Core solved the issue, but it still a PITA as the reboot takes afew minutes, due to the library of around 100K tracks…

Can you explain exactly what i have to do in the Settings? Thanks

Just go to setting/ about/ and tap that. I shows what versions firmware you have.

In reality, just re boot the room core.

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No need to change anything in settings, just reboot your Roon Server.

Hi @joachim_kurschner,

Can you share a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing as well as a screenshot of Settings > About?

Any change if you reboot the Core?

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