Exclude Album/Track without having to add to Library first

Could Roon improve the experience for users by allowing users to hide certain albums from view without having to add the album to their Libraries first?

I found this is the only way to exclude the tracks from the “other” artist when playing artist radio station or “contaminating” an artist’s Discography when another Artist has the same or similar name and Roon/Qobuz/Tidal are unable to differentiate between them.

Examples are JOSIN (Arabella Rauch vs other artist of the same name), JONES (Cherie Jones) and Rev Jones, Elohim (Pop vs Rap artist), BANKS vs Ms Banks.

Roon requires that you add an album to your library in order to perform most editing actions. But doing that is a bit counterintuitive in this case. And also means you have to add Ablums/Tracks to your Library that you have no intention of listening to!

Qobuz (and Tidal) recognise the issue but have no fix available at this time (see: Rev Jones - In The Key Of Z should not be under JONES (Cherie Jones) discography)


The similar problem is when you’d like to mark a single track with a heart - you need to add the whole album to the library even though you have no intention to listen to it…