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I recently bought a Nucleus and Roon and imported all the files on my NAS into my library. Unfortunately, I forgot to exclude a subfolder with stuff I still need to sort out (incomplete albums, etc.). Is there a way to tell Roon to ignore this folder ‘after the fact’ as it were? Or is the only way: move the folder to a different location outside the database path and rescan the library?

Not that I know of …

What you can do is go one subfolder down and add to watched folders everything but the one you want to exclude, bit messy, Roon will reimport everything and churn away

I’m afraid that’s not an option, as the offending folder is at the same level as all the other ones.
But if I just move that folder elsewhere, will Roon not automatically notice this when it watches the main folder and then remove the items that are no longer there from my library? Isn’t that the whole idea behind ‘watching’ folders?

If it’s at the same level then just “delete” (Ie cut and paste somewhere Roon “Isn’t Watching” )

Roon will adjust the library accordingly . When its finished go to Setting>Library> Library Maintenance> Clean Up Library and that will remove all references to the removed folder

When you’ve tidied up just drop it back where it came from

Okay, I’ve moved the folder away from the watched path. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Roon will adjust the library accordingly . When it’s finished…” Roon doesn’t seem to be doing anything, so when will I know that it’s ‘finished’? Or do you mean that after moving the folder I apply Library Maintenance? Sorry for being so picky but I’m afraid to mess things up because of my inexperience. Thanks.

If the folder is no longer a Watched Folder , Roon will remove the files from the library , it will take time depending on how many there are.

Pick an example and go and look for it

Check the Setting>Library> Library Maintenance> Clean Up Library that will tell you how many files have been removed

I haven’t tried it, but, if you go to the Menu/Storage click on the 3 dot menu for the storage location and select Edit, there is an area there to exclude items.

Right. Got it. It seems to have worked. Thanks, Mike.

Thanks! Another thing learned. You can indeed just add a valid path for exclusion there. Could come in handy.

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