Expanding the "added" and "played" time period

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How can I expand the time period for which the “added” and “played” listing is provided? I didn’t find any option in settings. Do I miss something?

Not on the Home > Recent Activity screen, that’s just a quick summary of “recent” plays/adds.

For added albums, you can go to sidebar > My Library > Albums and set the sort option to By Date Added. Then you see all your albums in the order you added them. If you scroll by dragging the scrollbar, it will show years.

For played, you can go to the sidebar > My Stuff > History. This shows the complete play history.
Alternatively, sidebar > My Library > Tracks. There is a gearwheel icon top right, where you can enable a Last Played column and sort by it. This also shows all plays ever.

Okay, this is very helpful, thanks. The “for added albums” option works fine.

But the “for played” does not work because there is no gearwheel icon top right in my tracks view.

Depending on your screen size/resolution and the number of columns you have enabled, it may be out of view. Note that you can scroll this view further to the right (note the grey scroll bar at the bottom of your screenshot, where the Penderecki is). On the Mac this works with a two-finger scroll left/right on the touchpad, not sure about Windows. On touch devices, simply drag the page.

Got it. Thanks.

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