Experience of a new user

I knew it! @Martin_Kelly you should expect a “thank you” note from Cisco, I just let them know this and it was such a revelation that they immediately fired all they network engineers and upgraded the management software in all their switches to the unmanageable status. The internet is two times faster now!!!

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Like many things in life… Managed switches work fine if you’re trained in managing switches. That’s not something most people care to do. That’s why standard, non-managed, switches commonly work better with Roon (and not just Roon they work better out of the box for a lot of things). If an individual is not trained to use the tool then it’s better to get a simpler tool. There is a technique to using a hammer… best not to start-out with the heaviest one so not to lose a thumb :stuck_out_tongue:



I tried a managed switch, and had awful problems.

I then replaced it with a NETGEAR GS105, and haven’t had any problems since :smiley:


When I read Roon had no linux support, and he had fired up a vm running android, I knew it wasn’t a well researched opinion and it would probably perform poorly. It did.

I’m new, it works well for me and yes, I’ve tried pretty much all the others. My unasked for $0.02


I think in this case for most (non network trained user’s) the suggestion of Netgear GS105 or GS108 are perfect (or swap brand for your favourite).
I have a house full of them in the name of keeping the network as simple as possible. I manage a large network by day and don’t want to do it by night as well.

There are reasons to go complex, but simplicity is the best solution for those that can’t understand it or fix it themselves


They also support Songcast, which is the mechanism we use on old Linn devices.

UPNP is not supported, nor will it ever be. This is a matter of our team being philosophically opposed to the technology. If the use case requires UPNP, Roon won’t work for it.

You couldn’t be more wrong here. We do not charge for Roon Ready certification. Also, we dug in our heels about UPNP for 2 years prior to having the Roon Ready program.

I answered this here, long ago:

As for being a paying customer, did you pay for Roon thinking it supported UPNP? Did we do something to make the impression that UPNP was supported?


Lol. Danny is like Biggie Smalls – you just have to say his name 3 times and he magically shows up!
Reference – ‘Old joke from South Park Show

…Or maybe say something good about UPNP :rofl:

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Same experience here, literally was praying for Netgear Managed switch – ended up throwing it away.

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busy day today, just picking off the easy responses when I can!


No need to harm the hardware.
I use to joke that “basura” meant trunk of the black nissan outside. I’ve learned on and used a lot of gear acquired that way.
Call. I’ll buy you lunch. :slight_smile:

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This is exactly the problem of this forum, especially for support.
New users do not find their way, and answers on their questions, trying to find anything sensible.

If I may make 2 suggestions:

  1. make a number of sticky topics stating Roon’s vision and principles: no upnp, no folder browsing, … so people know what to expect.
  2. make an independant support forum, where only Roon support can provide the answers.

As Roon subscribers base is growing, so are the number of topics. Only the old guard remember of topics already discussed.

Just try to make it simpler and actual.


Cisco 2960’s when set to factory default act as an unmanaged switch and are very good and plug and play. The problem is they are quite affordable compared to new on the used market but not always reset. Not sure about other managed switches.

Managed switches are called that for a reason. They require managing. If one doesn’t understand this basic principle stick to unmanaged. Once managed they are run perfectly and trouble free.


What else comes anywhere near what Roon does with a 300k library, all local? Not a single one, and I’ve tried them all.

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$12 unmanaged switch cos I’m a computer terd…

Never had a lick of trouble…touch wood!


This is true if you do not know what you are up against.
My network is very complex, but… Roon works like a charm.

That being said, problems with Roon are almost always due to networking issues.
A post on a network problem i had with an unmanaged switch.


All my connections are hard wired except for wireless to my iPad controller…my 2012 MAC Mini with dual SSD’s works great! it’s dedicated to Music only except for MotoGP viewing…

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Yes, but it lacks a Linux (remote) app.

That is the way an informed IT’er talks, perhaps. But Roon is (or should not be) aimed at IT; I should be aimed at music lovers. And from that point of view, there is a lot wrong with Roon, both with the product and with the support (and the way IT’ers provide the latter).

At his moment Roon (product and support) is only really acceptable for IT’ers with a love for music. The quoted comment shows why.

That said, Roon is still the least bad solution available at this moment, so we will have to live with it for the time being.

I totally disagree. I bought a Nucleus to avoid having to put a NUC together. I’m not great with IT.

The Nucleus, with an iPad Pro is a match made in heaven. So I’m NOT an ‘IT’er’. But I love music.
And Roon is perfect for me.