Experiencing drop outs


I am playing ROON from NDX2 with MacBook Air (2014 model) as ROON core. At first when I play music from library it is fine but as time progresses and often while I browse the catalogue or access other non related sites, the music starts to have hick-ups and stops for 10 secs or even skips to next song and again only plays first 20 seconds of next song until it does same again.

I have tried to look online but my problem is not constant. When I just play music and not use the laptop otherwise or search for new music on ROON, it works fine.

Any idea what is happening here?

Thanks and best, Pieter

Hello @Pieter_Bult,

Did you notice this same behavior with local content? Also, is this something recent you’ve noticed or has this happened for a while?

Try connecting your computer directly to the router using a lan cable not wifi

Perhaps fully detail your network setup too, including isp connection speeds

Hi nuwriy, thanks for your message. I has been happening almost from beginning so about 5 months. In beginning it happened only sporadically but lately it is more often. Since I started using ROON i have been mostly discovering new music from TIDAL.

I tried last night and doesn’t happen when I play from my server (NAIM UnitiServe) via NDX2.

Does this give you more info on identifying the issue?

Thanks again. Cheers, Pieter

Hey @Pieter_Bult, it does help! So we have confirmed that local playback works, can you give me some detail on your network infrastructure? What router, any switches, etc?

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