Expert Pro is finally Roon Ready

(Jeff) #82

Another option would be to use a regular CAT 5 ethernet cable to the amp.

(Michael) #83

Hmmm, not sure a Cat5 cable would force throttling down to 100 mbps. In theory, a well made, short Cat5 cable might work (still 4 twisted pairs) but does not meet spec for gigabit speed (5e and 6 do). Worth a try but I suspect it will simply create other issues.

(Jeff) #84

2 twisted pairs. I used to have a few short 100 meg patch cables I kept on mis-using.

No idea how a person would find one in this day and age.

(Mike) #85

have a look in your router menus, some allow you to force the port speed. For example, I have a Fritzbox, and burried in there is:

Alternative is to:

  1. use a CAT5 cable with just 2 pairs wired (orange and green pairs) but this is probably not easy to find, or,
  2. connect your Devialet via WiFi. This is what I do with my 440 Pro, and WiFi works perfectly! One less cable, and electrical isolation.

Your Roon Core should always have a wired connection to the router, only the Devialet should be wireless. I’m sure this issue will be fixed by Devialet in a firmware update.


Thanks for the info, appreciated!

I have to look into my modem settings if it is possible to switch the port from 1 GBps to 100 MBps, though I doubt. Cat 5 isn’t an option either, as I just recently had the house wired with Cat 7a, which was quite costly.

I have to try WiFi and see how it goes. One reason of wiring the house was that WiFi wasn’t quite reliable in my house. But I’ll check again!

Roon Core is wired, for sure!

Hope Devialet will fix the issue. 100 MBps nowadays is obsolete.


Yes, this is probably hard to find. I’ve found this weblink on the subject:

(Jeff) #88

FWIW: You would just need to do the patch cable at the Devialet.


Oh I see, great idea, thanks!

(François BRUNET) #90

Let’s hope that Devialet will be able to solve the problem by a firmware update.
It would be very bad news if the problem was related to defective hardware design.
But since the Air mode works correctly at 1Gb / s, this is probably not the case.

So you can probably initiate your Expert upgrade.


Thanks for encouraging me, Francois!

But, shouldn’t the Expert Pro now be Roon-ready with the new CI board, and therefore not be dependent anymore on the AIR protocol? Wasn’t that the idea? In my setup AIR works flawlessly, so I am not bothered of using AIR, but as an upgrade to the RAAT, AIR shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

I’m just wondering if for some reason, the ethernet port on the board isn’t a gigabit port and that would be really bad!

(Petri K.) #92

The Ethernet port is gigabit according to the Devialet’s website. It should work perfectly fine in a gigabit Ethernet network.


Thanks! I should‘ve looked it up myself on Devialet‘s homepage. All the more I hope that the Gb problems will be solved via software.

I shall contact my local Devialet dealer how to proceed with the upgrade procedure.

(Greg) #94

In my experience, the inclusion of the C/I upgrade made an overall improvement to sound.

However, initially roon RAAT sounded good and impressive but became fatiguing and clearly there was a glassy edge, especially to high frequencies.

I have reverted to Air. It really is for me the better sound platform. RAAT needs some refinement before it can be considered the option of choice. All of course IMHO.

(Mike) #95

This is the opposite of my experience, funny! Good that there’s a choice to experiment with. Either way, a CI upgrade is definitely worth going for.


At the moment, obviously, I am running AIR in my setup and it works perfectly well, contrary to so many other reports.

I might know what you mean with a glassy edge. I always felt my setup going through Nucleus sounded a tad bright and edgy, and most of all, a bit flat and uninvolving. I even went this far as to revert to my Mac Mini 2018: still edgy and flat. However, I installed HQPlayer on my Mac and that definitely made the difference. I‘m only upsampling to 192 kHz, so no DSD64, but the HQPlayer took away the bright and flat sound and gave a much more pleasant touch to the sound. Also bass response clearly improved. It is most obvious with 44 kHz files, less so with 96 kHz files, and 192 files don‘t profit at all from HQPlayer. I even went this far as to sell my Nucleus (I know, I know, it‘s a shame!!!). But I am extremely happy with the Mac Mini-HQPlayer-Ethernet setup.

I am really, really curious what the upgrade will yield with respect to SQ! The local dealer told me it‘ll take three weeks for the upgrade. For heavens sake, what am I going to do without the beautiful Devialet?


I‘ll be curious to see how the CI board adapts to my LAN and RAAT!!!

(Douglas Henning) #98

Same here, AIR sounds better than RAAT due to that slight edginess, which is just enough to make the presentation tonally unnatural. AIR sounds tonally far more balanced in my opinion.

(liam murphy) #99

I absolutely confirm this issue. 440 Pro fed by Nucleus+ and ethernet. At 1000 mbps unstable dropouts. I installed a cheap (7€) 100 mbps switch to feed the 440. All problems solved. Clearly an issue for Devialet here. I wish that Devialet software capability matched their undoubted hardware prowess.

Thanks for the tip - I would never have thought of it. Poor release practices on The Devialet side. Otherwise happy with Room.

(Michael) #100

Happy that this simple fix works! I’m sure Devialet will address this… eventually, but I am a bit surprised this snuck by Roon’s QA testing.

(Michael Fanning) #101

If one bypasses a 1000 Mbps switch and connects directly to a router or a wifi point, such as Google WiFi, is there still an issue with dropouts when using Roon Ready with Devialet units?