Export button not viewable or accessible at all

I can’t see any export button inside the menues. Why I’m searching for this button ? I would like to export playlist information to Excel -

Are you using a full client like a tablet, pc or a mobile phone?

It’s a Ipad Pro! I can remember that I sae the export button before SW 1.8

I tried to find the export button roon client installed on my MacBook Pro - and - it’s there and working - very strange - why the roon developer took this feature out for the client installed on the iPAD Pro - this way the new ARC feature isn’t working for me. Maybe somebody can give me one useful hint or one roon developer has the right answer on my topic.

You have Roon Remote for iOS installed on your iPad haven’t you - or have you installed Roon ARC for iOS by mistake?

It’s roon remote installed on the iPAD -

by the way - for me roon ARC isn’t working at all - to complicate for me setup the parameter on the router and at the end my provider doesn’t support something important what’s needed - I habe forgotten what it was😔