Export - Metadata encoding issue [Fixed in build 831]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 64 - Roon 1.7 (511)

Description Of Issue
There seems to be a metadata encoding issue when using the export feature.
The export feature messes up some special characters (like ï or ø) in the metadatas.
The files are exported properly, folder names and file names are fine but the metadatas are not.

the error occurred when exporting a selection of .m4a lossless albums

Hi @thibaud_Van_Vreckem,

Can you share a screenshot of this album in Roon as well as a screenshot of how things look in the exported file?

top folder is the exported one, bottom is the original from roon library
Very weird how the first track had the “track artist” messed up differently.

I must add, the day roon proposes mobile sync, will be a good day

This looks like EZ CD Audio Converter is interpreting the UTF-8 – which is AFAIK the correct encoding for m4a – encoded metadata as Windows-1252 encoded strings. Maybe you can change the encoding used to interpret in the settings of EZ CD Audio Converter somewhere, ask support of EZ CD Audio Converter for a solution or just accept the incorrect display as what it is.

For reference:

I suspected this was coming…
This isn’t a problem with ez cd.(for what it’s worth I trust EZ CD way more than Roon in that regard).
Windows explorer, mp3tag and Roon itself displays the metadata the same way.

Hi @thibaud_Van_Vreckem,

Could you send us one of these files that is incorrect via a shared Dropbox link in a Private Message so we can take a look and compare? Please include the pre-export version as well.


Is there any update on that issue ?
Not being able to use the export feature is a big one, even more so considering Roon doesn’t propose any alternative (sync).

The export feature is basically broken and pretty much unusable.
3 bug fix updates go by and nothing is fixed.
Considering the price of the service, I must say I’m appalled.

@dylan would it be possible to have an update regarding that issue?

@dylan @support
Considering the cruel absence of a sync functionality the export function is our only way to export anything from roon. (favorites and playlist being the obvious candidates to export)
And as of today (version 1.8) this feature is still broken.
This bug report is more than a year old… and as far as I can tell nothing has been fixed.

I’d like to point out a second issue with the exported metadata:
the year is often (35%) written as being 0 although a year is in the original metadata and also properly presented in roon. this occurs independently of the character encoding issue.
Here’s a screenshot of one file exhibiting the 2 issues, top file is the original file, second file is the exported one

Just wanted to say that I have the same problem, and am disappointed that it has not been fixed in such a long time.

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Hello @thibaud_Van_Vreckem and all.
Agree that it needs some TLC. In August last year I reported similar findings in a different context without doing my homework it seems, as I wasn’t aware of this thread - apologies! Moderators subsequently hived it off into the thread below, as it was rather off-topic.

As you can see, after the original acknowledgement by @dylan , nuwri (former Roon support) confirmed in September that it had been reproduced and a bug report had been opened. Nothing further since, but it should at least be on the radar or even making it’s way though the system.

The latest release 1.8 (build 831) with it’s revamped export feature fixed all issues regarding metadatas (dates and special char)


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