Export playlist from RoonServer?

URGENT @ged_hickman1?

Seasonal Greetings from NZ, we are safe and I hope you all are too!

Q. I have a playlist on my Roon Server (headless Mac Mini) which I listen to all day, controlled by my iPad. Works fine. Right now I need to export this playlist ASAP to import it back to iTunes and pop the local files back onto a USB stick for a DJ set in 48hrs.

I have looked everywhere on my RoonServer for an option to export playlists- but no luck. To be honest I can’t even see Roon as an open screen on my TV, even though the iPad still controls it, and the sound is fine.

HELP!! & thanks :slight_smile: @magic_frank

I’m probably not the best person to ask this particular question so I will move your question into the support area.
In the meantime here is the export helpfiles

“Export” https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/export

Does the playlist refer to your own files or streaming files?

Hi @magic_frank,

We have information about exporting here:

If you have any questions just let us know! If something doesn’t seem to be right, please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing. Thanks!

@dylan Here are the screenshots, as you see there is no “3-dot” option to export the playlist. Is it somethimg to do with Roon Server not having a GUI? I only wish to export the local files within this playlist, not tracks from Tidal. The KB giude you linked is rather vague when referring to playlists… thanks in advance

I’m doing all of this as a windows user - it will be different if you are using a mac, i think you need a pc or mac to do this not a tablet.

Open the playlist and select all of the tracks. (You can either select one and then pick “select all” from the top left menu that says 1 selected - or select them all in one go with ctrl +A)
Then select the three dot menu next to the Play Now menu and pick Export.
Select a directory for the files. It will create the files under Artist, album, track if i remember so if you need them in a flat list then just search for .mp3. .flac or whatever and get the file list.

Then I guess open itunes, create a playlist and drag and drop all the files into the playlist.

I’m away from my roon so that was from memory and searches. Should be right though.

@ged_hickman1Thanks, the issue here is that my Roon Server programme on the Mac Mini has no GUI, so I can’t open or select anything, unless its via my iPad… what am I missing?!?

I don’t think you can drive export from a tablet - you need a pc or a mac.
It doesn’t matter what the server is on - it’s the full client you need.

@ged_hickman1 OK, thanks… so what would the solution be? Or, is it just not possible to export playlists from Roon Server?

I don’t know how to say it another way.
Do you have a pc or a Mac?
If you don’t then you can’t use export.

As per my initial post, I have Roon Server running on a headless Mac Mini… I can plug the Mac into a TV screen no problem, but when I do this, Roon Server has no GUI that I can see. Lordy what am I doing wrong?! :smiley::face_with_monocle::crazy_face:

Oh ok. Yes if you are just running server it has no GUI.
You could put the roon client on the same box to give you a GUI.

@ged_hickman1 Thanks. Really! Just to confirm- I can add Roon Core to my Mac Mini and it will see the same playlists/ added tracks as the Roon Server on same machine? Ta…

Yes it’s just like using the tablet. Make sure it points to the existing server instance.

Hi @magic_frank,

Ged is correct — You’ll want to try using the full interface, select all the tracks, and export. You can install the full Roon client on your Mac and then connect to RoonServer running on that same machine. You can then export things. If you have any issues with this please let us know!

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