Export Playlist to Excel yields incomplete list

Hello roon Team,

I have two separate roon setups with separate roon accounts. In order to make song playlists from one roon setup available to the other, I started to export my playlists to an Excel spreadsheet/XML file and E-Mail it to the machine at the other location. (If there is a more elegant way to do this, I’d love to hear it.)

Here’s the setup I’m usually exporting my playlists from:

Roon Version 1.3 (build 218) stable (64bit)
OS: Windows 10 Pro (version 10.0.14393)
PC: Core i7-2600 with 8 GB of RAM, internal SDD and hard drive
Music is stored on the internal hard drive which is conneted using SATA, though most of the music comes from TIDAL.
Number of tracks in Library: approx. 45’000

I just exported an 11-song playlist containing songs from both local storage and from TIDAL to both .m3u (no songs were selected) and Excel (as .XML). The .m3u playlist contained the three songs that were from local storage, which must be expected behavior. The Excel .XML file contained 6 songs, some from local storage and some from TIDAL.

I’ve selected all songs before exporting. How can I make the .XML contain all 11 songs from the playlist? Thank you!



Hi @afritzse ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

To help aide in my evaluation of this behavior you are reporting to us, may I kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  1. A screenshot of the playlist that you are trying to export.

  2. Can you please provide some further insight into what exactly is missing from the export?

  3. Please describe the steps, procedurally speaking, that you are using to perform the export(s).


Hi Eric,

great, thanks for the reply! Here are my answers:

There are two duplicate songs, so the total number of songs ought to be 10. The Excel list contains only 6 songs:

I opened the playlist in roon, selected all songs with Ctrl-A, then choose “Export…” from the topmost three-dot button, where I chose the “Export to Excel (XLS)” tab and pressed the “Export to Excel” button. I had my Desktop folder set as the default destination for exports, so the XML file went there.

In the Settings there’s a button for cleaning up the library. Might that be worth a try?



If you create your playlists in Tidal, you shouldn’t have this problem :grinning:

Lack of sharing playlists between users is hopefully a upcoming feature. Though I really don’t know.

Hi R1200CL,

thanks for your suggestion. True, if all the songs were from Tidal, that would be a better solution.

Yeah, sharing or syncing of playlists would be a nice feature.

There already is some syncing between Tidal and roon, which I welcome. I know that if a favorite a song in Tidal, it will show up as an album in the roon Library.

Hello roon Team,

I’d still like to be able export a list of all songs in a playlist, since a lot of songs in my library are offline, and for sending the list to other people, for example.

Could you help me with this? Thanks!

Hey @afritzse – thanks for the detailed steps. We’re going to try and reproduce the issue, and we’ll let you know how it goes.


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Hi Mike,

were you already able to reproduce this issue?

Thanks, Regards,


I am having a similar issue. I have a playlist of 112 tracks, some local files, mostly Tidal, but when I select all and try to export the list to an excel spreadsheet, I end up with only about 28 entries. I can’t figure any rhyme or reason as to what’s included and why the others are excluded. This is on a MacBook running OS Sierra 10.12.4 and Roon 1.2 (build 223).

Hey folks – we were able to reproduce this, but I don’t have a good timeline for when we’ll be able to address the issue.

Unfortunately, there are some technical considerations that currently prevent us from exporting information about tracks that are not in your library. This is why we allow for spreadsheet export from the various browsers and from albums in your library, but not from TIDAL albums that aren’t in your library.

Playlists are different, because they can contain a mix of library and non-library tracks, so only the tracks from your library are included in the export. The work involved in getting our spreadsheet export feature to include non-library tracks isn’t trivial unfortunately, so thanks in advance for your patience guys.

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Different issue: Exporting library list to excel exports an xml file, but it is produced with an xls suffix. In many office programs that file won’t even open, and you get an error message that the file is “unrecognizable”.
Recent versions of MS Excel ask you if you want to convert the file to the proper format and suffix.

Why can’t roon output the file with the proper suffix?

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Any progress with this? I have a 74 track playlist (all Tidal tracks but in my library). Exports (either selecting all of the playlist or queue) yields the same 15 tracks (independent of the track sequence in the queue). Recreating the playlist in Tidal might be the best solution (I need it later this month) but a total pain in the neck. Would for this to work.

@mike did this ever get resolved? I just made a big playlist that I want to export, and a lot of the songs are not in my library.

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@mike Any chance for this to ever be addressed? For some this is not only a useful feature but a needed one. Don’t think it makes sense to get into my specific use case but suffice to say - I end up manually adding tracks in Excel and quite frankly this ought to be done automatically by Roon.


I just explored this old thread. And even two years later I still habe the same problem: marking 119 tracks of my playlist, all in my Qobuz library, and ending with only 16 of them in the Excel file!
Any suggestions?