Export to Rovi/AllMusic data entry format

I’ve asked for this before, but I would like to be able to export my data for individual albums from Roon in a format that would allow easier submission of unknown albums to the Rovi/AllMusic database.

At present I have to populate data already available in Roon manually into a Rovi-formatted spreadsheet in order to submit new additions to them.

Rovi require data to be submitted in specific formats: Rovi format.

It would be relatively easy for Roon to allow the export of data from an existing album into this format allowing the user to add unknown data (UPC, catalog number, etc). This would significantly help Roon users to add missing albums to one of Roon’s database providers, helping to crowdsource better data for all Roon clients.

This could easily be tucked away in the Roon editing options without cluttering up the interface.

Rather add the album to MusicBrainz - everyone benefits and Roon will pick it up a week or so after the addition is accepted into MusicBrainz.

You can start the submission from within Musicbrainz Picard using one of the Picard plugins. There are also JavaScript scripts you can load into your browser to navigate to an album in bandcamp and Deezer (and probably others) and submit the metadata to MusicBrainz


And albunack.net for importing from Discogs


I’m agnostic on data provider provided it feeds back in to Roon. Both Rovi and MusicBrainz feed in to Roon.

Which MusicBrainz plugin is it?

The benefit of doing it in Roon is it means you can go straight from an unidentified album to creating the template.

Agreed, Room should add this capability, but I can imagine it’s about as high on their priority list as dealing with boxsets or enabling users to add biographies and reviews via text file or any other means.

In the meantime, here’s a very short summary for MusicBrainz:

Unfortunately albunack.net seems rather buggy. For example, here’s a Discogs album that it cannot find, even if I give one of the artist codes (either for Discogs or for Musicbrainz) https://www.discogs.com/Emmanuel-Bardon-Canticum-Novum-Ararat-France-Arménie-Un-Dialogue-Musical/release/14479055

It’s a current limitation, there are only albunack pages for when the album artist is credited to a single artist not multiple artists.
This is not a problem for the bulk of RockPop music but is for Classical, it’s something I should resolve