Extension Manager crashes after update each night on DietPi

Hi @Jan_Koudijs
I have been seeing issues with Extension Manager crashing (or never completing checking for updates) each night and having to restart the DietPi device to get Extension manager to work again.

Is this a known issue and is there a way to turn off auto updating to see if this is the cause of the issues.

I see the following screen when I look at extensions onRroon.

and if I click on the Settings button I see this

I have looked at the logs and there is nothing there and if I run a manual uipdate it completes in about a minute and comes back up, where I can restart any extensions

Any help offered is greatly appreciated



Were these really the extension logs? If you open the Action dropdown, as in your second screenshot, you can perform a “Restart (with logging)”. After the auto update failed you can download the logs via the Roon Extension Manager link, as in your first screenshot. If you can upload the logs somewhere and share a link then I will have a look.

If you clear the auto update field in the Global Settings it is disabled, but please try to capture a log first.

Thanks Jan I did not think of overwriting the time!!, I was working my way through it the options but I could not start or stop with the following screen shot

I have now enabled logging and can see a file of about 3500 bytes there already with requests from roon-extension-itroxs in there.
I will let you know how it goes tomorrow and see if it fails.



Hi Jan it fell over early hours this morning, I just got home to have a look.
I can confirm that the only option in the System->Extension Manager option is the message (in Progress…)

Here are the log files broken up starting from the update time of 2:00 AM

It’s update time!
It’s update time!
2020-11-17T02:00:02.925Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-extension-alarm-clock…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-extension-alarm-clock…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:02.926Z - Inf: Updating: roon-extension-alarm-clock…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-alarm-clock…”,“is_error”:false}
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheAppgineer/roon-extension-alarm-clock/master/.gitignore
2020-11-17T02:00:14.912Z - Inf: Updated: roon-extension-alarm-clock (0.8.2)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updated: roon-extension-alarm-clock (0.8.2)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:14.924Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-extension-itroxs…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-extension-itroxs…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:14.952Z - Inf: Process terminated: roon-extension-itroxs (SIGTERM)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Process terminated: roon-extension-itroxs (SIGTERM)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:14.954Z - Inf: Updating: roon-extension-itroxs…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-itroxs…”,“is_error”:false}
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-itroxs…”,“is_error”:false}
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bsc101/roon-extension-itroxs/master/.gitignore
2020-11-17T02:00:26.923Z - Inf: Updated: roon-extension-itroxs (1.0.8)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updated: roon-extension-itroxs (1.0.8)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:26.933Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-extension-manager-updater…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-extension-manager-updater…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:26.934Z - Inf: Updating: roon-extension-manager-updater…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-manager-updater…”,“is_error”:false}
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheAppgineer/roon-extension-manager-updater/master/.gitignore
2020-11-17T02:00:39.639Z - Inf: Updated: roon-extension-manager-updater (0.4.0)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updated: roon-extension-manager-updater (0.4.0)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:39.648Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-extension-mqtt…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-extension-mqtt…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:39.649Z - Inf: Updating: roon-extension-mqtt…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-mqtt…”,“is_error”:false}
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fjgalesloot/roon-extension-mqtt/master/.gitignore
2020-11-17T02:00:56.639Z - Inf: Updated: roon-extension-mqtt (2.2.0)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updated: roon-extension-mqtt (2.2.0)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:56.657Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-extension-repository…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-extension-repository…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:00:56.659Z - Inf: Updating: roon-extension-repository…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-extension-repository…”,“is_error”:false}
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TheAppgineer/roon-extension-repository/master/.gitignore
.gitignore file not found
2020-11-17T02:01:05.604Z - Inf: Updated: roon-extension-repository (0.3.16)
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updated: roon-extension-repository (0.3.16)”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:01:05.605Z - Inf: Terminating process: roon-mqtt-extension…
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Terminating process: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
2020-11-17T02:01:05.606Z - Inf: Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…

-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
-> REQUEST 0 com.roonlabs.registry:1/info
<- COMPLETE 0 Success {“core_id”:“4b74a3c4-7b89-4097-a873-725f077927c7”,“display_name”:“DESKTOP-PK2PV92”,“display_version”:“1.7 (build 667) stable”}
-> REQUEST 1 com.roonlabs.registry:1/register {“extension_id”:“com.theappgineer.extension-manager.DietPi”,“display_name”:“Roon Extension Manager @DietPi”,“display_version”:“0.11.8”,“publis
her”:“The Appgineer",“email”:"theappgineer@gmail.com”,“required_services”:[],“optional_services”:[],“provided_services”:[“com.roonlabs.settings:1”,“com.roonlabs.status:1”,“com.roonlabs.pin
<- CONTINUE 1 Registered {“core_id”:“4b74a3c4-7b89-4097-a873-725f077927c7”,“display_name”:“DESKTOP-PK2PV92”,“display_version”:“1.7 (build 667) stable”,“token”:“25c303fc-a43e-4cee-b4d4-ea8a
Core found: DESKTOP-PK2PV92
<- REQUEST 1 com.roonlabs.status:1/subscribe_status {“subscription_key”:“1”}
-> CONTINUE 1 Subscribed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}

-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
-> CONTINUE 1 Changed {“message”:“Updating: roon-mqtt-extension…”,“is_error”:false}
<- REQUEST 46688 com.roonlabs.settings:1/subscribe_settings {“subscription_key”:“75”}
-> CONTINUE 46688 Subscribed {“settings”:{“values”:{“update_time”:“02:00”,“logging”:true,“selected_category”:0,“selected_extension”:“roon-extension-manager”},“layout”:[{“type”:“group”,“tit
le”:"[GLOBAL SETTINGS]",“collapsable”:true,“items”:[{“type”:“string”,“title”:“Check for updates @ [hh:mm]”,“setting”:“update_time”},{“type”:“dropdown”,“title”:“Logging (change forces resta
ry”,“values”:[{“title”:"(select category)"},{“title”:“System”,“value”:0},{“title”:“Playback”,“value”:1},{“title”:“Device Control”,“value”:2},{“title”:“Remote Control”,“value”:3},{“title”:"
Web / Connectivity",“value”:4},{“title”:“Automation”,“value”:5},{“title”:“Tools”,“value”:6}],“setting”:“selected_category”},{“type”:“dropdown”,“title”:“System Extension”,“values”:[{“title”
:"(select extension)"},{“title”:“Extension Manager”,“value”:“roon-extension-manager”},{“title”:“Extension Repository”,“value”:“roon-extension-repository”}],“setting”:“selected_extension”},
{“type”:“group”,“title”:“Roon Extension for managing Roon Extensions”,“items”:[{“type”:“label”,“title”:“by: The Appgineer”},{“type”:“label”,“title”:“RUNNING (with logging): version 0.11.8”
},{“type”:“dropdown”,“title”:“Action”,“values”:[{“title”:"(in progress…)"}],“setting”:“action”}]}]},{“type”:“group”,“title”:"[PENDING ACTIONS]",“items”:[{“type”:“label”,“title”:"(none)"}

Looks like the update failure is caused by an old MQTT extension installation. In the log you can see that the update of roon-extension-mqtt succeeds (new name), but the update of roon-mqtt-extension fails (old name).

Please try the following:

  • Uninstall the MQTT extension via the Extension Manager
  • Uninstall the old installation by running the following command in a command window: npm uninstall -g roon-mqtt-extension
  • Install the MQTT extension again via the Extension Manager

Thanks Jan I never knowingly had the MQTT extension installed (as far as I was aware).
The only extension I currently have is it’roXs! and and your Extension Manager.
It never shows up so could have come in as part of the DietPi installation.
Funnily enough last night was the first night that it hasn’t crashed in weeks.
But I have removed it all now and hopefully back to a smooth life.

Thanks again for your help.



Jan the extension manager was still available this morning, so hopefully that fixes it. Thanks again for your help



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